#this movie is my childhood, #seriously i wanted to see in theaters but i was 12, #and my grandma read an article about some guy who stabbed his wife after seeing it, #so i wasn’t allowed, #but my mom let me read the book, #tom cruise is so good in this movie, #also i always wanted a mustang like that, #thanks movie, #interview with the vampire,

WOW reblogging for the notes. I can so relate, bc I was also under 17 in 1994. I had to sneak off to a friend’s house to watch it when it came out on VHS later. Would LOVE to see it in the theatre, I hope they do something special (at LEAST a theatrical re-release!) in Nov. 2014 (the 20 yr anniversary!)

WTF, some guy who stabbed his wife after seeing it?? What’s that about? 

Dude walking out of IWTV: “Well after all that hot man-on-man vampire action, I think I’m gonna get rid of my wife. Finally freeing me up for homosexuality. YES. This is a GREAT IDEA.”

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