where’s that damn types of fanfic graph?



I’m trying to find this great graphic I saw ages ago about types of fanfic, where, say, the source text would be a continuous line, and an augmenting fanfic would be a line that takes off at at angle, or an AU would be a line separate from the canon line—does this ring a bell with anyone?

At your service:





Source: goodboydummy

THIS. Is one of my favorite posts re: fanfic and I am so glad I found it again to reblog it here. Such accurate description of what fanfic is/seeks to achieve in its many forms. I’m sure someone out there is thinking it’s incomplete, and maybe that’s true, but I love this for what it explains anyway and so HERE IT IS.

I would add that Drabbles and Additions exist within canon, filling out interstices of the overall story.

And I also find this diagram creatively inspiring. If you’re stuck, you might find a way through by choosing a different route based on these diagrams.

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