You’re going to visit NOLA? Or have you already come? I love seeing VC people visiting here, I don’t see many in the city. Sorry I sound like such a creeper, I just got excited.

No, u aren’t being a creeper at all! I got your message after returning from my trip, but I’m sure I’ll go back again someday, it’s a dream of mine to have a VC gathering someday :]

BTW are you going to the ARVLFC Coronation Ball? I want reports on that. I know eternallyfabulousbratlestat is going. IN COSTUME AS LESTAT, NO LESS.

And how peaceful and calm the Garden District is especially, it has the quality of nostalgia, even to a tourist. The French Quarter is steeped in history and charm. It is a very welcoming city. 

Or maybe that feeling was bc of my VC addiction!… either way works, tho.

Gotta edit my pics and stuff for tumblr, it will happen…  eventually…

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