Do you ever get a question that’s just so…obviously reaching, you can’t help but be amused by it?

To answer your question, no, it’s not my moral responsibility to ensure my work sets an example towards young adult readers, because it’s very clearly NOT intended for them. Thus, I do not—as you so kindly suggest—need to “tone it down a little”.

If you don’t like smut, fine, read the smut free version and see if you think that’s appropriate for your young person. Or don’t read my work at all. But don’t come at me like “as a concerned parent I feel that you should” because if you are a concerned parent then the responsibility lies with you to educate your child on what is and what is not appropriate reading material for their age. Not me.

I have marked my work for the appropriate age group which is firmly Adult, meaning 18+. I have been explicitly honest about this. I have been responsible. Now it’s your turn.

Like I’m sorry you came here to try and cause drama, Susan, but the ball’s in your court on this one.

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