Vampire flesh is often compared to marble…

Those Who Must Be Kept: (from the Vampire Lestat):

They were as severe as all the Egyptian statues I had ever seen, spare of detail, … I had seen saints in Italian churches dressed in this manner, velvet hung on marble, and it was not always pleasing…

…I stared at them a moment longer, … at the fingernails, which looked remarkably like our fingernails – as if someone had made them of inlaid glass.

I thought that I could touch the back of the man’s hand, and it wouldn’t seem so sacrilegious…

It couldn’t be stone I was feeling. It couldn’t … Why, it felt exactly like … And the woman’s eyes, something – 

“They’re alive!” I said. “They aren’t statues! They’re vampires just like us!”

“Yes,” Marius said. “That word, however, they wouldn’t know.”

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