On The Record


Let me quote some people, with 100% accuracy.

Marius: Oh, did you not understand? Let me explain it again the exact same way. Only longer and with three more unrelated anecdotes.


(Was she not there, was she silent or was she just so scary that this reporter wouldn’t dare write anything? Maybe all of the above.)

Lestat: What I’m about to tell you is going to be hard to believe, but believe me anyway. And, my darling, remember to keep in mind just how handsome and debonair I am. At all times.

Armand: You are entirely right, Daniel.

Jesse: Listen, I’m a modern woman, I just stumbled into this. I know at least two people under the age of 5000.

Louis: …and although my heart might have died long ago, it still hungers. Or whatever sounds good, just make up some bullshit. There’s a good boy.

Bianca: Marius! Draw me like one of your french girls.



Lestat and Marius from 

The Vampire Chronicles novels written by Anne Rice

some Marius, Sybelle and Benji meta



I’ve always found Marius’ complete ideological 180 at the end of TVA (and presumably carrying over into his foul mood in BaG) really confusing. But rereading bits of QotD it occurred to me that Marius’ speech to Armand explaining his loss of faith has a lot of similarities with Akasha’s speech when explaining why humanity is inherently evil and overdue for a cull. 

I’ve already talked about this with a few of you guys but i-want-my-iwtv thought I should still make a proper post with quotes and things, so here goes.

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