Vampire Dr. Grant! etc.


IWTV is one the best vampire movie out there. RT is duummmbbb; I like Daybreakers but not over IWTV

IWTV was at 61% and Daybreakers was at 67%, so it wasn’t a huge difference—and IWTV did vastly better with audiences—but yes… I definitely disagree with RT on a lot of things, but they don’t usually mess up that badly.

The Daybreakers concept was intriguing, too. But yeah, c’mon RT, IWTV is a classic, it set a high bar for future vampire films, etc. etc., so idk and idec what the “professional critics” think of it. Just look at those audience numbers. 



But you guys omg: Vampire Sam Neill was on my Cinema Wish List! He made a great evil vampire dad.


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