Reasons why Nicki might actually be alive…


[ A little something I stumbled upon that pretty much summarizes up almost everything I think regarding Nicki’s demise — and to which I added commentary on. You can find my thoughts in italics. ]

Reasons why the character Nicki from The Vampire Lestat might actually be alive… original source: here.

1. Nicki had two violins. One from his home village and one Lestat bought him. He sent one to Lestat when he went into the fire. Where is the other? — I believe Nicki kept his original Violin and sent back the gifted one because, at the time, he hated Lestat. Further, it is highly doubtful Armand would have purchased him another one. Not that it would have been hard for him to acquire another violin, if he so wanted. But, why go through the hassle if he already had one sitting there?

2. How do we know Armand didn’t have Eleni lie in the letter to try to lure him back to Paris? Or that Armand wrote the note himself and pretended to be Eleni? He, did, after all- lie to Louis saying Lestat was dead and lied to Lestat saying Louis was dead. — Besides, he’s also known for his painting. He must have known how to forge Eleni’s handwriting with very little effort, especially being a vampire and all.

3. Lestat placed a gold cross around Nicki’s neck while they were under Les Innocents. It’s never described that Nicki took this cross off. It would not have burned to ash with him. Where is his cross — and why was it never sent to Lestat along with his other things? And speaking of ash,.. wouldn’t it have been nice to send Lestat an urn with Nicki’s ashes? Or, at least some of them?!

4. The mysterious musician friend described in Interview with the vampire who wrote ‘too disturbing’ music that would ‘never sell’ according to Louis. It’s implied that Lestat made this unnamed friend a vampire and he died in the town house fire when Louis threw the lamp at Lestat. Is it possible this musician was a vampire all along and Louis couldn’t tell? Yes, we see him described with fang marks on his throat at one point but that could be a wound that would take a few minutes to heal. (Blood play with Lestat maybe?) Lestat claimed he would make the musician a vampire and supposedly did; but what if he was one all along? With Louis’ lack of experience would he have noticed? Could Nicki have secretly had an unexplained cameo in Interview with the vampire?

No, then Lestat would know he’s alive, wouldn’t he? And he’d have said something in The Vampire Lestat? Unless he’s keeping one secret from us for some reason. Something Anne meant to cover later? But why does Lestat credit himself as having made only Louis, Claudia, Gabrielle, and Nicki vampires by The Vampire Lestat? Why does he not mention this musician friend in New Orleans when telling his own story? Could he have re-met Nicki there and never elaborated for some reason? — Or, perhaps there is a turn in the storyline we aren’t aware of yet. Maybe Nicki is no longer recognizable by Lestat? Who knows, though… it’s funny that Lestat never could find Nicki in Heaven or Hell. I have always thought that very suspicious. Also.. There are quite a few references to Religious themes tied with Nicki. Perhaps there is something to be said for it…

5. Isn’t Lestat the slightest bit suspicious of the fact that everyone who witnessed Nicki’s demise is either dead by the time he goes back to Paris or they are …Armand – who is known for lying to Lestat that Louis is dead and telling Louis that Lestat was dead. — Further.. what ever became of Eleni? Do we never hear from her again? Did she die with everyone else, or had she left with Nicolas somewhere else? 

6. Armand does not like Gabrielle, makes up excuses to dislike her, once planted the vision in Lestat’s head to kill both Gabrielle and Nicki and even destroyed Claudia to get Louis to himself. He lied to Louis about Lestat being dead, and lied to Lestat about Louis being dead. — What if, what if, even though Armand does not like Nicki and placed that vision in Lestat’s head, that LATER ON realized he could possibly use Nicki as a bargaining chip some way? I mean.. Lestat never liked Armand. Doing the favor of babysitting was one point for him. What if “bringing him back” is his ultimate goal so Lestat would eventually “love” him and possibly further push Louis away from Lestat, so that again he could have Louis all for himself?!

7. Nicki hated Lestat when Lestat left. Is it at all possible he faked his own death, wrote the note or had the note written so Lestat would not try to track him down? — I also feel like Nicki, feeling abandoned all over again, wanted to possibly hurt Lestat emotionally. Even though he was the one that pushed him away, and either faked his death for everyone, or plotted to fake it with the others so only Lestat would think him dead.

8. Nicolas, in the musical Lestat, is presumed dead. Lestat finds out he’s dead. Then at the end in the reprise of From the dead the lyrics only confirm that Claudia is dead. Nicki’s fate is left vague and uncertain..

[In conclusion, I feel like there was a very big plot that was hidden from Lestat for whatever reason. Nicolas was alive, or if he had died, came back in some way — and then that was hidden from Lestat. I also feel whoever devised or was a part of this plan to keep Nicki from Lestat relied heavily on Lestat’s nature and ability to dismiss things and try to forget. We never hear much of Nicki from Lestat, because it is a painful part of his past — and Lestat does not like to show his feelings like that. He would rather not dwell on it. Further…. would Lestat really admit to being wrong if he ever found out Nicki was alive? Just curious on that… He might just keep that a secret himself, especially if everyone else thought him to be dead as well. JUST A THOUGHT. Anyway,… I hope Nicki gets mentioned in the new book.]

THIS. I have always been annoyed about the disappearance of that “musician friend” from IWTV… this explanation intrigues me. 

Reasons why Nicki might actually be alive…




although i DO like the fact that there’s more queer canon couples in vampire chronicles than non-queer canon couples; i do think there’s a lack of non-male characters, like pandora or bianca or mona (who appear only a handful of times), needless to say non-male canon couples

I wholly agree and the few books we get centered around females IE PANDORA and MERRICK are basically boiled down to their lives revolving around the men of the stories. (Even if I think Merrick really shouldn’t have been Merrick’s story but David’s since he was telling it).
The series has so much potential and unfortunately there is a lot of problematic themes and sexism and even racism but ;c )


EXACTLY! the only reason we got to have those books was because david was seeking out for them, a male again. 

i think that the whole series got better when it started to get mixed with the witches, but you’re right about the unspoken racism/sexism; and i mean, with the whole super-queer-androgynous-too-good-for-human-morals thing, it shouldn’t be real hard to make it more open 

#thank you im in love with my url #it kinda reminds me of that too 🙂

((I like this discussion and also wanted to reiterate those tags re: Feministlestat))

I think the mixing with the witches was good in some ways, for sure. I liked that whole Mona vs. Lestat thing, of course they would butt heads immediately, being such alpha types…

That dress scene in Blood Canticle! Where they were fighting over her dressing too sexy… Mona actually had a good line there about VC women:

“And I know why you’re so fired up over Rowan, she’s the first adult female other than your own mother who’s ever caught your attention for more than five minutes, and Hello! Lestat Discovers The Opposite Sex! Yeah, females do come in grown-up sizes! And I happen to be one of them, and this is not the Garden of Eden, and I am not taking off this dress!”

We acknowledge that pedophilia and incest and suicide and a million other bad things are major plots of the book. But those are things that you just don’t make jokes about in general.



“I guess no one mentioned that unspoken rule to: Mel Brooks, Oscar Wilde, Marquis de Sade, Joe Masteroff, Jonathan Swift, Willam Shakespeare, Ambrose Bierce, Voltaire or a host of others.”



   ❝Writing reprehensible pro’s such as that does not condone them into being made as a joke, monsieur. All of whom you have listed, myself included, did not do so for that reason. Such scenarios exist and I personally used them to extract that very notion, not to make fun of it.❞

“But those are things that you just don’t make jokes about in general.”

We as a culture need to be able to read and write and talk about things that are uncomfortable/unsavory/illegal/bad/etc. Those are ways of dealing with them. There’s a fine line sometimes, but better to unpack them than pretend that they don’t exist or assume that ceasing discussion of them will prevent them from happening anymore.

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Nicki & Lestat

The Vampire Lestat:

The cold seemed worse in Paris… I was never so glad of the fur-lined cape as I was then. I wrapped it around Nicolas and held him close to me when we went out together, and we walked in a tight embrace through the snow and the rain.

Cold or no cold, I can’t exaggerate the happiness of these days. Life was exactly what I thought it could be.

*cries at every piece of nicki/lestat fanart*

DITTO. Hard to find, though. It seems to be a less-common ship in fanart.  

I’m not saying it’s aliens but… ALIENS



ooc: What voice? o.o

ooc; The synopsis of the new Vampire Chronicles book includes some shit about “THE VOICE” commanding vampires around the world to become pyromaniacs

Meanwhile Lestat’s being emo somewhere while Louis, Armand, Sybelle, and Benji live a happy life in New York City where Benji apparently has a “vampire radio station” (where there’s obviously hours of Sybelle on the piano, then eons of Louis going on about the horrors of immortality, followed by the sounds of Armand slaughtering a thousand men, and then Anne breaking the fourth wall to bash every other authors’ vampires).

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE—Anne’s including “seductive new creatures” which apparently are not her werewolves (thank the gods) but might possibly be aLIENS??  then it turns into american horror story asylum: vampire edition

I feel like there are going to be so many good memes that spawn from it, on the bright side?

I’m not saying it’s aliens but… ALIENS


I kinda disagree with this but I’m compelled to put it out there for your consideration. 

Lestat has a huge issue with controlling his laughter but I don’t think he’s depressed or emotionally drained. I think he loves himself too much for that.

I think sometimes it’s more of a nervous tic, a sort of backup reaction to quell confusion, and maybe also as a means of diffusing his own anger. How many lives have been saved by him laughing at them instead of using the Explodey-Heart Gift?

“And my worst problem was laughter. I would go into fits of laughter and I couldn’t stop. Anything could set me off. The sheer madness of my own position might set me off. This can still happen to me fairly easily. … I begin to laugh and I can’t stop…It makes other vampires furious, by the way.” – The Vampire Lestat

What are you working on now?

“Oh, I’m interested in exploring Atlantis. I’m working on a novel now—I was working on it before I broke off to do The Wolf Gift—and it’s called Born for Atlantis, and it’s about several immortals sent to the planet during the time of Atlantis and it tells the story of what happened. They’re now still alive in the modern age and they’re facing a crisis. I’m also working on something to do with aliens.”

– Anne Rice

So I found this very WTF quote in an article from 2011, so maybe this project has been moved aside, or MAYBE THIS IS PART OF PRINCE LESTAT, either way, OMFG, had to share it.

diplomacywink said: Ruh-roh. PLEASE NOT ALIENS IN THE VC NOOO

I hope not. I very much hope not. We just need to be prepared for that possibility 😛

Anne Rice consistently, and aggressively, objected to fan fiction based on any of her characters (mostly those from her famous Interview with the Vampire and its sequels in The Vampire Chronicles) or other elements in her books, and she formally requested that FanFiction.Net remove stories featuring her characters.[50] However, in 2012, Metro reported that Rice has taken a milder stance on the issue: “I got upset about 20 years ago because I thought it would block me,” she said. “However, it’s been very easy to avoid reading any, so live and let live. If I were a young writer, I’d want to own my own ideas. But maybe fan fiction is a transitional phase: whatever gets you there, gets you there.”[51]

Anne Rice, re: fanfiction.

So I just came across this quote on the Wiki page re: Legal issues with fan fiction, and it seemed relevant to the VC fandom. Maybe she doesn’t despise fanfic as much anymore!

I’ve written 3 of what I call “hybrid” novels, in which the Mayfair & vampire universes collided. Some time has passed now, and I don’t think those novels were completely successful, I don’t think they’ve worn well.

– Anne Rice, NY, 10/15/13. Paraphrased, I can’t remember exactly how she put it, but that was the message. She doesn’t see a man-wolf/vampire crossover happening.

AND she also said that, although she discussed it with Becket hoping to make it work, a Blood Vivicanti/VC cross-over is not going to happen. So that answers THAT.

I had posted this ages ago, but it bears a reblog in light of the past week’s announcement and speculation surrounding Prince Lestat.

I should mention that the question asked of her was: “Do you see a crossover of the Wolf Gift and VC or Mayfair series happening?”