“Put it away, John. There’s no point.”

“You are so clever, aren’t you, Sherlock Holmes. So very clever. Perhaps I should keep you…”


when i was 12 or 13 i got way into the vampire chronicles and ended up reading so many awful vampire novels because of it and p much nothing topped lestat okay

what a little bitch

also there were only four books nothing after body thief counts you can’t convince me otherwise memnoch who da fuck is that idek

@morticianboy Reaper made more fandom fusion!!! I am so happy.

Yes good I am pleased, YOU HAVE PLEASED ME WITH THIS !!!

SO GLAD I STUMBLED ACROSS THIS reapersun IS AMAZING. I beg you, please make more VC art. More fandom fusion is PERFECTLY WONDERFUL. Lestat would be totally into Sherlock. He’s got a thing for tall, pale, brunettes with a mind of their own (see also Nicolas, Louis).

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