#first of all How dare u

mortal!Louis suffered claustrophobia? how’s that?

“And you did get into the


[X] “I had no choice. I begged Lestat to let me stay in the closet, but he laughed, astonished. `Don’t you know what you are?’ he asked. `But is it magical? Must it have this shape?’ I pleaded. Only to hear him laugh again. I couldn’t bear the idea; but as we argued, I realized I had no real fear. It was a strange realization. All my life I’d feared closed places. Born and bred in French houses with lofty ceilings and floorlength windows, I had a dread of being enclosed. I felt uncomfortable even in the confessional in church. It was a normal enough fear. And now I realized as I protested to Lestat, I did not actually feel this anymore. I was simply remembering it. Hanging on to it from habit, from a deficiency of ability to recognize my present and exhilarating freedom.


It’s up to each reader to interpret that quote as his having just a dislike for small spaces or legit claustrophobia, I interpret it as legit claustrophobia.



Lestat is my favourite art meme

it’s 3:00 am,

have mercy on me(me)

The last one has transparent background so you can meme together with Lestat. Now that there’s the original screen cap I see how I didn’t even manage to catch the original expression goddammit

But I’m lazy so I’m not going to fix it, forgive me , THankyou & good night!

Can we just have this animated movie already? These look like stills from an animated movie and wE NEEDS IT

Wait, I’m confused. What’s going on with Tumblr and Yahoo?


Basically, Yahoo is losing money with tumblr and given its history with fandom based sites, there is a good chance tumblr might close soon. It doesn’t look like Yahoo have given warning for this kind of thing in the past, so to be safe I would prepare for closure (saving posts, making sure you will still be able to reach people you talk to etc outwith the site). I am just sad because this is a community and the thought of losing you all, of losing it, kills me.

People Off the Page: I’m not sure if this is true, and I don’t mean to scare anyone, but… it’s always a good idea to back up and download your fave posts on a regular basis says the lady with 8k+ posts and I NEED ALL OF THEM 😛

And reach out to your friends and give them alternate contact info just in case! I have the following twitter accounts, if everything turns to crap, I’ll leave messages there. The fandom won’t be deterred by a change of venue!

2016 continues to be *~spectacular~*



@vampires-in-south-park requested Lestat and Louis having a good old argument (about how it pains Lestat to see him eat dogs, maybe) and then the bottom sketches have to do with Lestat’s weird animal obsessions during Tale of the Body Thief. There is a line about him wanting to kiss screaming little monkeys so there you go. 

I’ll draw is other obsession in that book later. What’s that you say? Old people, of course.

Send requests, I’m drawing everyone already in my spare time so gimme things a bit more like what you see above, oho.


Lestat at the beginning of The Vampire Lestat:

I see Louis has been telling you some things about me.

Well I have to tell you one thing.


But I love him anyways.