What are you working on now?

“Oh, I’m interested in exploring Atlantis. I’m working on a novel now—I was working on it before I broke off to do The Wolf Gift—and it’s called Born for Atlantis, and it’s about several immortals sent to the planet during the time of Atlantis and it tells the story of what happened. They’re now still alive in the modern age and they’re facing a crisis. I’m also working on something to do with aliens.”

– Anne Rice

So I found this very WTF quote in an article from 2011, so maybe this project has been moved aside, or MAYBE THIS IS PART OF PRINCE LESTAT, either way, OMFG, had to share it.

diplomacywink said: Ruh-roh. PLEASE NOT ALIENS IN THE VC NOOO

I hope not. I very much hope not. We just need to be prepared for that possibility 😛

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