//(again, I was going to write drabble responses to these but muse = deadsville for now)

Secretly, there will always be a part of Gabrielle that wishes she was not a mother. That, in gaining immortality, she could have lost that title and all of the responsibilities (even if they need only be attended to every few years) that drag behind it. She would prefer to walk the earth never needed, never desired out of need or love, and with no allegiance to anyone beyond herself. 

She hates herself as much as Lestat for that need, as she cannot stop herself from loving him, from coming (eventually) when he calls, and from rushing to his side when he is in danger or wounded. 

But nothing would make her happier than for that need to be severed, on both their ends. 

And nothing would break her heart more. 

#Right in the Feels

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