Besides the facts that Lestat is a serial killer and essentially does the opposite of what he’s advised, why is there so much chatter about “you wouldn’t want to be his friend”, “he’s not the one you’d want to be around”?? What else has Lestat done to make himself sound so unpleasant?

You can sum it up with “Does not play well with others.”


He’s kind of a bitch. In the books, he’s impulsive, a bully… he’s constantly biting back insults, violence, and laughter just to function in conversation. He covers up a lot of insecurity with bravado and that doesn’t always work in his interactions with others. He also dissolves into tears fairly easily.

Unfortunately monogamy is also difficult for him. He needs a lot of attention from a lot of sources. He’ll purposely sabotage a relationship, subconsciously or deliberately, to engage in another with someone else 😛 And regret doing so. 


THAT said, he can also be the most loving out of all of the VC characters. He’s got a lot of love to give, and he gets frustrated when people don’t accept it the way he wants to give it.

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