Santiago: Please, it’s Christmas!

Louis: It’s December 10th!




It’s Dec. 8, 2018! All Santas, please check in with us by shooting a message to this page, or the mods @i-want-my-iwtv​ or @wicked-felina​, and let us know if you are still in progress on your gift, or if you need someone else to substitute in for you. 

P.S. One Santa has delivered their gift so far! 


“A Vampire with a human soul” 🥀

The first in my Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles outfit series: the beautifully tortured and angsty Louis de Pointe du Lac ⚰️

Shirt – Punk Rave
Extensions dyed with Directions
Pants are second hand (Allsaints), Boots from Modcloth, jacket also second hand (Hearts & Roses)

(please don’t remove caption)



I saw this and I was like “what a perfect opportunity to draw more really stupid VC shit”

2018 VC SECRET SANTA status


Hello all, we got a great turnout this year! Your mods are now working on assignments and should send them out early next week, definitely by Nov. 24. Thanks to everyone for joining 😀

In the meantime, you can dig around in the archives for inspiration, if you like!