Who is your favorite VC character and why? (Mine is Lestat :D)

Short answer: S A M E here.

Long answer: SAAAAAAAAME HEEEEEEERE. It wasn’t always this way. I had a mother once wtf self? I still do. And movie!Louis, he had a wife. He was mortal, the same as she, and SO WAS I. 

AR made us what we are, didn’t she? *sobs*

I digress… lol… 

I answered this a little differently awhile back, when sonicdreamworld asked me who my fave was in IWTV alone. I think Claudia drew me into the whole series, I identified with her first bc I was 11, and felt mature for my age, and wanted to be taken seriously, and all that frustration that goes along with that. I was obsessed with antagonists at that point in my reading life, so I of course loved the friction between Lestat and everyone Claudia. 

In TVL Lestat had me at Hello, the little bastard. So many of his character traits were in line with mine (tactlessness, infallible optimism, hawtness, etc.), I felt I’d found my spirit animal. So much the better that other people feel this way about him, too! I feel a definite connection with others who have, for better or worse, laid their affections with him ❤ 

Like Louis, for example, you know Lestat is his fave, too!

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