Less than $2k to goal! Nola vid!


Hello all! We are currently at $3,368 out of $5,000 in the GoFundMe for me to get a service dog. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and/or signal boosted! Donations have come in from signal boosts, so they do help!

As a treat, we have a video from Doggie Does Good. They recently hit 4,000 followers on their Instagram, so they recorded a thank you video with their current service dogs in training. Nola makes an appearance 8 seconds in (she’s the black dog in the back left of the group) and she continues to be adorable.

You can see the video over on the Doggie Does Good Instagram.

I’ll post more as I have it. Thank you again!

I don’t normally send these around, but this is a very special person in the fandom, who wrote one of my favorite collections of fanfic (see my tags for link) wayyyy back in the day. Still holds up after all this time! So I donated as a way to pay for her wonderful writing, that I would have loved to see as part of canon. If you can’t donate, please send this around, she’s close to meeting her goal! 

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