Less than $2k to goal! Nola vid!


Hello all! We are currently at $3,368 out of $5,000 in the GoFundMe for me to get a service dog. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and/or signal boosted! Donations have come in from signal boosts, so they do help!

As a treat, we have a video from Doggie Does Good. They recently hit 4,000 followers on their Instagram, so they recorded a thank you video with their current service dogs in training. Nola makes an appearance 8 seconds in (she’s the black dog in the back left of the group) and she continues to be adorable.

You can see the video over on the Doggie Does Good Instagram.

I’ll post more as I have it. Thank you again!

I don’t normally send these around, but this is a very special person in the fandom, who wrote one of my favorite collections of fanfic (see my tags for link) wayyyy back in the day. Still holds up after all this time! So I donated as a way to pay for her wonderful writing, that I would have loved to see as part of canon. If you can’t donate, please send this around, she’s close to meeting her goal! 

Shameless Self-Promotion (OOC)


//Hey Guys! So, I have never, ever, EVER in my life self-promoted on here, but I’m in a position to need to do so and I figured I would just put out the feelers for asking–no pressure if you can’t afford to help right now!

So, as some of you who know me in real life know, I am a theatre director and artist. I run my own theatre company, InBocca Performance (you can find us on FB, Twitter, IG, and at www.inboccaperformance.com). We have been lucky enough to be chosen to attend and be a part of the Boulder International Fringe Festival this summer (in August). It’s our first time doing a Fringe that isn’t our local one (Cincinnati), and it’s a pretty scary adventure. I’ve done lots of international work, but I’ve never dragged 7 actresses across the country or world, so this is a whole new kettle of fish. 

The show is Charlie’s Girls, and it is about the young women of the Manson Family who committed atrocities for Charles Manson, bringing about the end of the summer of love in 1969. 

If you love weird art, dark art, scary and bleeding-edge art, please consider supporting us. Even $5 gets you a perk with our campaign, and I’d be eternally grateful for your help and support. 

You can find the campaign here: 


Thank you so much for considering supporting us! 






I saw a sad facebook post from the gay bookstore back in Ann Arbor where I used to live about how they hadn’t sold any books that day so I went on their online store and bought a couple, and while you don’t get #deals like elsewhere online, I’d love it if y’all would consider buying your next gay book from them instead of like, Amazon.

Common Language is a great bookstore and while I’ve only been there once, I follow it on Instagram and really want to see it succeed!

Their most recent Facebook post (~9:30 PM, April 18):

A little update:

At last count we had 211 online orders over the last couple of days. We generally have a handful of online orders PER MONTH. And many days our in store sales are 3-5 books. In other words, this deluge is significantly more than we sell in a month. We are literally brought to tears by this outpouring.

About 80% of them have already been fulfilled and are on their way to you.

The other 20% require special attention (out of print book, book temporarily out of stock, etc.) or we need to pull together books from various sources. Some of you will be getting emails from me!

Our staff is three people and one dog. And while the dog is, perhaps, the world’s sweetest dog, he’s not much help in this task. The lack of opposable thumbs is a big hindrance to many bookstore tasks.

Mind you, we are not complaining. Having a surge which overwhelms our current resources is a great problem to have. Heartfelt thanks.

As I take a short break from fulfilling orders I wanted to share a few thoughts.

This is transformative.

We will be able to pay some bills which will steady the ship for a longer voyage. In our wildest dreams this surge would continue, we’d hire more people to handle the load, and the world would have a thriving honest-to-god queer bookstore.

But even if it doesn’t continue at this truly astonishing rate, having a regular flow on online orders would give the store a level of security we haven’t seen in a long time.

All of you did this. You made it happen. And you can be a part of making that dream come true. In fact, you can be the most important part of making that dream come true. You can be an ambassador.

It was, after all, an ambassador who made this happen.

When a friend talks about getting a book, steer them to us. Our mission is to create a safe space for LGBT people, a resource for a community, a place of equality for women, a place where black lives truly matter, a place where your gender is what you say it is, not what anyone else says it is.

If this is your mission as well, join us.

so my roommate, the person I live with, my memeing friend MADE THIS POST


Hey guys, 

Update! I’ve downloaded my entire backlog of posts, photos and videos just in case. I’d hate to lose my content, and I’d hate for you to loose any of your content either. So thank you @pupdiesel for the recommendation of TumblrThree, super easy to download and I had my entire backlog within 5 minutes. 

Check it out here: https://github.com/johanneszab/TumblThree/releases 

Protect your posts and have them for future use 😉 

People Off the Page:

I don’t know much about SESTA/FOSTA, but it can’t hurt to consider 

downloading/backing up your:

  • Tumblr blog content. 
  • Posted/fave AO3 fics.
  • Your Google products like Drive. 

This is what I know about it so far, from eff.org:

“The U.S. Senate just voted 97-2 to pass the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA, H.R. 1865), a bill that silences online speech by forcing Internet platforms to censor their users. As lobbyists and members of Congress applaud themselves for enacting a law tackling the problem of trafficking, let’s be clear: Congress just made trafficking victims less safe, not more.

… It’s easy to see the impact that this ramp-up in liability will have on online speech: facing the risk of ruinous litigation, online platforms will have little choice but to become much more restrictive in what sorts of discussion—and what sorts of users—they allow, censoring innocent people in the process.

What forms that erasure takes will vary from platform to platform. For some, it will mean increasingly restrictive terms of service—banning sexual content, for example, or advertisements for legal escort services. For others, it will mean over-reliance on automated filters to delete borderline posts. No matter what methods platforms use to mitigate their risk, one thing is certain: when platforms choose to err on the side of censorship, marginalized voices are censored disproportionately. The Internet will become a less inclusive place, something that hurts all of us.”




I’ve just launched my Patreon page! ❤ 

What does it mean? 

If you love my art and would like to support me further, now you’ve got your chance!

So, what exactly can you get by becoming a patron?

Early access and

Patreon exclusive content, access to WIPs, step by step gifs of my process and drawing tutorials, as well as extra commission slots and even uncensored nsfw art 😉 

You can also vote on what I will draw for patron exclusive content and even get discounts on commissions and products! And for pledging the higher tiers you get a print of my art (from the fandom of your choice) sent to your actual real mailbox, every month! Cool, huh? 😀

How does it work?

You pick how much do you want to pledge. One dollar a month? Two dollars a month? Five dollars? For each amount there are rewards you will be getting. You can always change your mind. It’s really simple. 

Is everything going to end up behind a paywall now? 

No, you will not have to pay to keep seeing my art! Nothing changes here, you get the same amount of art. BUT! By becoming a patron, you are going to see MORE art! AND help me pay my bills and chase my dreams. Awesome, right?

Thank you all so much for your support so far! I look forward to being able to create even more and share it with you ❤

[Join me on Patreon!]


Almost reaching my first goal! 

Thank you so much already, and let’s hope we can make it, so I can start drawing fandom comics! 😉 

“Louis rant” anon here. I present my (regretfully) limited rant: Louis is my fave because I’m like him. the big sweater + unkempt look is my aesthetic. I love how soulful and wise and beautiful and plain human Louis is. It’s stupid, but if I got to meet him I think we’d get along. I’d love to bring him old books of poetry and candles, surprise him with a fountain pen and parchment, and spend warm New Orleans nights at the Rue Royale flat with him. I just really really love Louis so much ugh jeez



Yes, I love his big cozy sweater + unkempt look aesthetic, too. Louis is a professional couch potato ;D

I love how soulful and wise and beautiful and plain human Louis is.


Yes definitely! He takes immense pleasure in simple things. Still uses oil lamps because the flame is so much friendlier than an electric lamp 😉

It’s stupid, but if I got to meet him I think we’d get along. I’d love to bring him old books of poetry and candles, surprise him with a fountain pen and parchment, and spend warm New Orleans nights at the Rue Royale flat with him. I just really really love Louis so much ugh jeez

What you suggested is absolutely NOT STUPID, I do think you’d get along well with him, it sounds like a perfect evening with a close friend ❤ More power to you, anon! 

//Bruh, I love all the Louis positive content on this blog lately! Also to anon- if you ever wanna talk to Louis, shoot me an ask 🙂

A wild Louis appears! Thanks for offering, @sangcreole ❤ 

Anon, some RPers like this one are open to interaction as the characters you love, you can be on anon or not, go play with them ^_____^ 

(Other Louis muses are invited to reblog/comment and add themselves to this post, btw)



Hello everybody!

Tomorrow we will be launching the first episode of our brand new Vampire Chronicles Podcast – Coven Of The Inarticulate!!

We’ve been working on this little project for a while now, and we’re super excited to share it with you all.

Who are we?

Just four people from all over the globe who really like vampires! , @claudiasashes, @theballadofmrslovett@monstersinthecosmos and @theraphaellus!

Like rants about vampires? A lot of giggling? Interesting accents? And just all round fun and charming chat? Then this is the vampire podcast for you!

Stay tuned for the release of our first episode tomorrow!