Hey! I loved you prince Lestat fan gifs and I was wondering if you could post them but just till the part where Louis says “I don’t read trash” and Lestat is trying to holding together..I mean you don’t have to do it but I’ll really loved to ❤

Sure thang, I aim to please! [As requested] I’m curious to know who might have asked for this… 

Everyone has permission to repost my gifs/memeythings, whatever, as long as it’s reposted in good taste, but I’d love to be messaged or hyperlink-tagged so I can see where my fanwork has gone *u* 

You also sorta made me think about revising this one so it would loop better, which I did, so thanks for that 😉 It actually works as a stand-alone: is he repressing tears of sadness, joy, something else? Lestat loves crying after all. There Will probably Be a ton of L. de Lioncourt Blood tears in Prince Lestat (see what I did there??).