2018 VC Secret Santa is OPEN


*~The 2018 @vcsecretgifts​ exchange is open!~*

Deadline for joining is November 10, 2018 by 11:59PM CST (well, we’re not THAT hardcore about it, latecomers are always added, c’est la vie) 

Official form under the cut. Go to Submit and then copy and paste this form and respond to the criteria in the box. If you would like to participate anonymously, please include that in your submission. If you submit this form, please make sure your own Submit box or Ask is turned on so that we can send you your assignment 😉

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Lestat cannot BELIEVE Louis actually put on the costume he’s been begging him to wear for decades. Louis might look a bit unsure but, really? He’s warming up to it under Lestat’s infectious enthusiasm. 

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your day is deliciously spooky and full of treats! Here is my treat to you ❤ Pencils for lines, photoshop for color and type. 

The background was made using this material and the type face is Oh No


Hey, everyone. I’ve gotten some good reception from my pictures I’ve posted. Thank you all for that, coming from the bottom of my heart.

Now, I have a question for all of you. The Vampire Chronicles is full of representation that we’re assuming will be finally brought to light on the TV screen. So before I ask, a small anecdote.

I am Andrei, a 20 year old (pre-transition) transgender man. Finding a name that fit me, finding where I was comfortable, and finding who I was even was a difficult journey…

Until I met Armand.

We have both been through similar struggles about our identity in all aspects, and so I took his birth name Andrei as my chosen. That’s how much he means to me. But I want to take this further. I want to start my passion not only as an actor, but a Vampire Chronicles fan. I want to audition for the role of Armand, but I need to make sure that my fellow fans are open to this idea. That being said–

Please like or reblog this if you would support Armand being portrayed by a transgender man.

It would mean the world to me if I knew I had all of you behind me, beside me, and in front of me.

Thank you,

Andrei Francis Bates

Hey boos, will the sign ups be up soon?





Hello! Your vcsecretgifts mods have been discussing internally when to get the 2018 Exchange going *u* Hopefully we will begin advertising it soon, signups in Nov., so that we have time to assign gifters/receivers, and then give you 4 weeks to make gifts. 

VC Secret Gifts Exchange 2018 is in the works! Your mods are @wicked-felina and @i-want-my-iwtv!

If you’re not familiar with the exchange, check out @vcsecretgifts for info and past exchanges ❤

(I’m happy to see this post generating some interest! We’re going to have another great exchange. I’ll be reblogging stuff from previous exchanges to advertise this one.)

Again, the blog has not yet been updated for 2018, it’s set up for receiving gifts for the 2017 Exchange 😉 The mods will be updating that page for the 2018 Exchange, and we may be revising the form.

For your reference, last year’s submission form basically asked:

–This is unofficial, do not use this as the template for 2018, as we may be revising it, this is a sample version, not me–

Are you over 18? “No” (This is so that people will not make NSFW gifts for minors, honor system)

As a Receiver:

  • What characters/ships would you like in your gift? Any prompts?  “Lestat, Claudia, from the movie, or for Daniel/Armand I like the Night Island time period. Maybe a holiday night at Night Island, doesn’t have to be Christmas. Halloween is cool, too.”
  • What types of fanworks do you want to receive? “Any! I’m easy to please. Fanart, fic, music playlist, aesthetic set, no preference, really.”
  • What characters/ships/etc. do you definitely NOT WANT in your gift? “Santino, Armand/Marius. No NSFW please, and no violence.”

As a Gifter (Santa):

  • What characters/ships would you like to give in your gift? “Theatre of the Vampires, anyone in TVL, Akasha/Lestat”
  • What types of fanworks do you want to make? ”I can make gif edits from IWTV, or make a music playlist.”
  • What characters/ships/situations do you definitely NOT WANT to give in your gift? “I won’t do gifts related to Santino, Armand/Marius. No NSFW and no violence.”
  • Would you be willing to make another gift if someone drops out? “I could do 1 extra, but not more than that.”

Yay! Time again!

It’s drawing nearer…


InktoberVC Day 3: The 1970s

It is always tempting to draw Lestat in a 1970s outfit but I went for Santino and his long dark hair. I used @desanctii ’s FC as a reference and an actual 1970s outfit from an old fashion editorial.

And of course, let’s not forget that deeeeeeeep V neckline.

I know it’s only the 3rd day BUT I’m falling in love again with my black and red inks.

Coffee shop AUs redefine escapism from wild fantasies about dragons and space travel to the comforting ideal of having a steady job and supportive relationships.
For a generation who came of age during the Great Recession, living in a time of constant political trauma, it’s not hard to understand the appeal.

How coffee shop romance became fanfic’s hottest genre

(via dailydot)

This article features fanart by @sheepskeleton of the coffee shop AU that @wicked-felina and I wrote!

The fic is called Signature Blend, and there are additional chapters called the Last Drop. 

Fanart used with permission from both of us and the artist, @sheepskeleton:


Reasons to faint





Armand in stockings

Armand in stockings

Armand in stockings

Armand in stockings

  • Armand in stockings
  1. Armand in stockings

Couldn’t help myself…

Stockings you say???