Interview with the Vampire:

“‘This is madness!… ’ I said, my hands rising suddenly to my temples.’Where is she! Where is she!’ I looked about me, at their still, passive faces, those inscrutable smiles.’Lestat ’ I turned him now, grabbing at the black wool of his lapels:

"And then I saw the thing in his hands. I knew what it was. And in an instant I’d ripped it from him and was staring at it, at the fragile silken thing that it was-Claudia’s yellow dress. His hand rose to his lips, his face turned away. And the soft, subdued sobs broke from him as he sat back while I stared at him, while I stared at the dress. My fingers moved slowly over the tears in it, the stains of blood, my hands closing, trembling as I crushed it against my chest.