• He was born in Nantes in 1766.  His family immigrated to Louisiana in 1771.  While in France, the Pointe du Lac family worked on wine production, but his father saw more profits in cultivating Indigo in America.
  • His grandmother on his mother’s side was from Austria and accompanied them to the New World.  She educated Louis on the German language when he was still young; he was bilingual at a young age.  She passed when Louis was ten.
  • His mother was strict on religion and education.  She had him tutored from a young age.  The two of them butted heads regularly, especially as he grew older.
  • Louis’ sister’s name is Isabelle, and she was born shortly after their arrival in the New World.  Her mother spoiled her rotten.
  • Louis was p much closer to his father than anyone else in the family because his mother was legitimately batshit like idk is that even a headcanon what sane mother would accuse her own son of killing her other son and call the police on him srsly wtf
  • That said, Louis’ dad was the one to spoil him.  Louis grew up getting most things that he wanted and by the time he was a teenager, he had an ego the size of Russia.
  • But his mother was a douche as stated so she put him down on a regular basis, which he usually just accepted without too much argument (especially after his dad died), but it gave him a complex underneath said immense ego that lead into an eternity of being a perfectionist and not handling failures well at all.
  • His mother always favored Paul he was her absolute fav and she made sure Louis knew that her precious baby was a better son than him
  • Louis slept around enough (always with girls no homo at that point)
  • He also did enjoy his wine, even before Paul’s death.  Paul’s death just sent him into full-on alcoholism (and abuse of opium).
  • When he was a child, he’d go steal apples and such from neighboring plantations with kids he knew from church.  His mother’d find out and he’d get a good lashing for it.
  • Paul was literally that little shit who cried to mommy about every little thing and sucked the fun out of life and it annoyed both Louis and Isabelle
  • Although both of them obviously loved him immensely; he practically became Louis’ daily therapist after their dad died
  • Louis had to mature a lot very quickly when his father became ill.  Headcanon is that he died of consumption.
  • When his dad did die, he became the man of the family and everyone’s support.  But he dealt with it well and most everyone that resided at Pointe du Lac came to respect him immensely.
  • He supported his mother until her death and then went into major mourning when she did die
  • He also watched over Isabelle from afar until her death, but of course never approached her after his “death” in the Pointe du Lac fire

I know I’m forgetting like 834902840923 other things I’ve thought of

Much eloquence, this post is

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