Have you ever heard Nicolas’ music again after that last night in Paris?




When I first came back, in the 1980s, I was discovering modern music through dirty, grungy, unknown little bands who would play in underground clubs, forgotten basements of warehouses, and garages of abandoned mansions, etc. They reminded me of the Commedia Players of old or of the players in the theatre–messy, cheap paint on their faces, filthy in lovely, bohemian ways. Poor, underpaid, doing it purely for the glory with no thoughts towards money or fame. 

One of those nights I was listening to a band play in one of those places–an old warehouse, mostly rusted steel girders and rotting brick walls at the point, and older musicians that I usually listened to or jammed with, but they’d welcomed me in with a smile and a the offer of a cigarette–and I remember one of the members putting in a cassette tape and playing it. 

I knew it was him the moment I heard it. You don’t forget his music, mortal or immortal, not once you know it. Not once he’s played it for you, only for you, and imprinted those scars underneath your skin. 

If my blood could have run cold in that moment, it would have. As it was, I grew eerily still in only the way that we can, to the point where I recall one of the mortals asking me if I was okay, did I need a drink, did I need some air?

I vaguely remember mumbling some sort of excuse and leaving. I remember the room seeming blurred, not real, the mortal voices and instruments nothing but a piece of artwork dipped in water in the background of my vision as I fumbled my way out of the building. 

You see, I didn’t know then that he had lived. I had no idea. It was the last thing on my mind that Nicolas might still be alive somewhere, might not have perished, and might still be making music on that thrice-damned instrument out there in the world. 

I told myself that I must have been mistaken, or convinced myself that I had been hearing ghosts instead of reality. I have often suffered thus; it would not have been a new feeling for me. 

It wasn’t until decades later, when I practically ran him over in Paris, that I realized that I’d actually heard him in that grungy warehouse in New Orleans. It had been him, yes. He was alive. 


Was it any good?

Can you just give some general relationship advice? You’re the most romantic vampire I’ve ever seen <3



If you’ve ever read my books, you know I maintain relationships merely because I’ve been lucky enough to find people who don’t throw me away when I reveal myself to be a complete and utter disaster who will sabotage everything we have if given half the chance. I’m a terrible person to give relationship advice. 

So here, based on my own failings:

-Say you’re sorry. Mean it. 

-But don’t say it all the time. 

-Seriously, it loses all meaning.

-Even if you ARE sorry. 

-No, sex with that other person isn’t worth it. Yes, I see how good looking they are. Trust me. 

-Find ways to show love: notes, trinkets, kisses. Something to show that they are on your mind. 

-But not gifts you’d rather just have for yourself, you idiot. 

-Don’t buy them a house unless they asked for one. 

-Don’t trick them into having children with you because you are afraid they’ll leave you. 

-Don’t entrap them. 

-Seriously, that one is never going to turn out the way you hope it will. 

-Tell the truth. Even when it makes you look terrible.

-Trust them. Yes, especially when you don’t want to trust anyone.

-Tell them the things that scare you about yourself. If they are who you think they are, they can hold them for you.

-Know that they love you, even when they are so angry at you that they can’t bear to look at you. 

-Say I love you. Yes, it’s going to hurt. Do it anyway. 

“You forgot the most important point. 

Allow yourself be loved. No matter how wretched and undeserving you feel.”

Armand, are there any coven rituals from your time as coven master that you still practice for any reason? Are there any that your remember as being fun/enjoyable at all?


“Our old rituals? No. That part of my life is over. I have no wish to resurrect it.

As for ‘fun’, the notion was anathema to our way of life. We permitted ourselves two pleasures: the twin trances of the blood and the Sabbats. I did enjoy those, even if it was a desperate kind of elation that animated us at those times.

After my ascension to the role of Coven Master, I participated less often in the dancing, being expected instead to preside over my flock in their revels. But I would join them occasionally, to reassure them of my faith. There was a kind of innocence to most of them. They truly believed we were all brothers and sisters. For a while, so did I. There was some peace to be had in that.”

hey there 🤗🤗🤗! hope you’re ok and having a great time. I told you before but here it is, one more time: you’re amazing and your blog is the best VC haven! Thank you for all your work and for helping me get back to writing and RPing 🤗

Thank you for the blog lurve, and I’m so glad I helped you get back into writing and RPing ❤ These kinds of messages tell me I’m running this thing right, bc both of those things count as lifeblood for the fandom.


(And yes, I’m good, hope you are, too. I think you’re one of my longest-time followers?? And you’re not bored of me yet?? lol)  

BTW, to anyone who sees this post: @rip1009 RP’s as Nicolas de Lenfent at @monsieur-nicolas-de-lenfent. They are looking for a Santiago to RP with, too. 

Aaaaand, their in-progress Nicolas origin series fanfic can be found here: https://archiveofourown.org/series/901500

What were some of your favorite things to eat, and things to do outside in the daytime when you were alive? What do you wish you could do again?


A bitter sweet smile found her lips as she glanced out the window, imagining the sun light. “I don’t really remember a lot of when I was human….sometimes a have dreams about it though…like old memories…laughing in the sun, playing hop scotch, and skipping rocks into the swamps. Eating icecream, brownies, I loved sweets….I think I did….going to the French quarter and shopping during the day was so different than at night….crêpes were my favorite.” Resting her head on her hand she sighed. “I use to have dreams of picking flowers in the sun…fading memories….playing with my dolls in the grass…rolling down hills…I miss it all and I wish I could have experienced it with them…Lestat and Louis..”

Why do you think Lestat is the best of all? And do you know any good Lestat RP’s around here? Thank you!

Why do you think Lestat is the best of all?

I don’t know that he’s the best of any group, lol. I think he’s actually the worst among many. But, I do admire a lot of things about him. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves. As it was described to me once, falling for Lestat is like falling down a flight of stairs. Sometimes it happens and it’s not what you might have planned, and it’s not all rainbows and sparkles, it can be painful at times, lol. It is what it is. I should answer this more seriously but I can’t right now. 

And do you know any good Lestat RP’s around here?

That’s really hard to answer bc:

A) I don’t follow as many RPers as I used to, there were too many threads on my dash and I couldn’t read them all. 

B) I try not to pick out names bc that can make people feel left out. 

C) My taste in an RPer is subjective, I don’t think it’s fair for me to say who’s good or not, I could never be objective about people RPing as the characters they love, doing it for free, for fun, on their own time!

^All that said, if you’re looking for a Lestat to RP with there are a pile of them out there at any given time, but whether they’re active or welcome new RP partners is up to each one individually. Most Lestats are happy to respond to Asks tho! (My Lestat will respond to asks, but will not do back and forth threads, the mun doesn’t have the time for that.)

Here are some Lestats I’ve seen around (in no particular order):

@theoneandonlylestat, @devilsfool@thelionscrimsonclaws, @bravenotstubborn, @lestat-delight, @thevampireforthesetimes, @xxconsumed, @gottalovelestat, @malveillants-bratprince, @lebratprincelestat, @lixncourt, @primusdux, @wolfkilling-prince, @fiendofthedamned, @from-fiction-into-legend-blog, @askthebratprince, @lestat-and-louis-de-lioncourt, @lestat-and-louis

And you might try this roundup post we send around every so often, there may be active Lestats on it.

Anyone is welcome to reblog/comment with Lestat RPer tags, I’m sure I missed some of them, sorry about that ❤

In Blackwood Farm, Lestat says his name is “compounded of the first letter of each of my six older brothers’ names.” Is that true? Whose brilliant idea was that? Were you that disinterested in choosing an actual name for him?




This is a falsehood. 

When he was very young, his brothers (not known for their kindness), told him this story. They made it quite clear to him that his parents, having no love left for him after six children, took the laziest route possible in naming him. 

This is, of course, an utter lie. I’ve already told the story here of Lestat’s naming—and I’ve also explained this to him many times (he tends to accept this story as a part of his own mythology, unfortunately). 

He does, from time to time, need reminding that his name, just like my love for him, was not accidental in nature. He is, and ever will be, my Lestat. Thus I named him, and thus I keep him. 

And his brothers are dead. So there’s that. 

(he tends to accept this story as a part of his own mythology, unfortunately).He picks and chooses his own mythology, for SURE.