Deleted(/unfilmed?) scene from Interview with the Vampire

From a version of the script of Interview with the Vampire:

…Louis grabs his pistol from the table and cocks it.

Who the hell are you? What are you
doing in my house?

And a beautiful house it is too.
Yours is a good life, isn’t it?

Louis takes aim. Lestat puts his hand over the barrel.
Louis fires. The bullet tears a hole in Lestat’s hand.
Lestat is unfazed. He takes the gun from Louis’ hand
and throws it away. His hand begins to heal.

You’re not afraid of anything, are

Why should I be?

Louis reaches for his sword, hanging by the bed, and
point it. Lestat laughs indulgently. He draws closer.

Are you going to put that through
me too? Ruin my beautiful clothes?

He comes closer to Louis, right up to his face, so the
sword passes through his waistcoat.

Were all last night’s promises for

He reaches out with his now-healed hand and plucks out
the sword.

What do you want from me?

I’ve come to answer your prayers.
You want to die, don’t you? Life
has no meaning anymore, does it?

Lestat sits down on the bed, drawing up one knee. Louis
is becoming spellbound.

The wine has no taste. The food
sickens you. There seems no reason
for any of it, does there? But what
if I could give it back to you?
Pluck out the pain and give you
another life? And it would be for
all time? And sickness and death
could never touch you again?

The vampire theme rises, with the sound of a heartbeat.


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