deleted scene of queen of the damned in which we find out roger keeps garlic in his pockets because he’s scared of lestat. also, his reaction is superb. my only question is, why the fuck was this deemed unnecessary?



Armand & Louis


Interview with the vampire (1994)

`I cannot make her happy, I do not make
her happy; and her unhappiness increases every day.’ This was my
chant, which I repeated like a rosary, a charm to change the facts, her
inevitable disillusionment with our quest, which left us in this limbo
where I felt her drawing away from me, dwarfing me with her
enormous need. 

– Louis de Pointe du Lac, Interview with the Vampire

ahhahh I nearly died watching the iwtv bts video. That was pure gold omg. Tom cruise upset that brad pitt is taller than him and wanting risers. Brad pitt just leaning there like “where did I go wrong” and anne’s cringey 90’s look all made me laugh so hard.

That BTS video is a new fandom treasure and like, back in the 90′s, Tom’s publicist Pat Kingsley would have tracked the source down and made them delete it. ;A; * I love that we’re getting stuff out of private collections now! 

^I think this is one of my fave shots of Brad “where did I go wrong” Pitt from that movie… which is why it was so great to see him go from that to this BAMF later in the movie:


^Height issues aside (and yeah I’m sure that was an issue!), here’s my take Tom Cruise’s eyebrow concerns. The lighting is different but you can still tell the difference in his makeup/hair. On the left is a still from an earlier scene that was shot and probably had to be discarded bc the blond was too bright, orangey, weirdly smooth (I think they were going for “pampered” and “golden”). Looks like they changed it to highlights and lowlights of blond and a mussier texture to mesh better with Tom’s own coloring. So he had good reason to be concerned about his eyebrows, he probably didn’t want more footage to be wasted.


^anne’s cringey 90’s look: Hey that was in style then bc BELIEVE ME I LIVED IT! But yeah she looks a lot better these days, current 90′s-inspired looks are very different from some of the actual 90′s looks.

*Even though it wasn’t an interview specifically, it was unauthorized bts footage.

Amy Nicholson, How YouTube and the Internet Killed Tom Cruise, America’s Last Movie Star.

“Kingsley was adamant about keeping Cruise out of the tabloids. At press junkets, she demanded that journalists sign contracts swearing not to sell their quotes to the supermarket rags. Then Kingsley expanded her reach and insisted that all TV interviewers destroy their tapes after his segment had aired.” 

Lestat, (if I can call you that..) I am completely new to this world you speak of, but am so very amazed with it. I am a very big fan, just letting you know… Completely new to all this, it opens my imagination and now I know.. Sincerely, –Jo

♛Well hello, fresh blood… how lovely to gain such an avid fan so quickly, it’s as if you merely opened the door and fell at my feet *smiles* I could get used to this level of adoration.

You all know my name. It’s an acceptable way to get my attention, at least at first, but I also love terms of endearment… see if you’re inspired to make me a new one *winks*

*Humming the JAWS theme*

^Cut scene bit! From the trailer! 

Hey ppl, just wanted to let u know: I have been working on a stamp for the logo of my website, it’s going to be hella cool, and once it’s done, I can send out all the Giveaway goodies I awarded, stamped with my logo on the inside! It’ll be worth the wait. 

Secondly, I have old Asks, I know, and I’ll do them, but some just take more thought, y’know? Slows me down when you ask about the whole group, btw. Individual character Asks are easier. Your patience will be rewarded.* 

Unless you sent me a casting idea, and didn’t see a reply on it, chances are I disagreed and couldn’t think of an alternate VC role for your suggestion 😛 Those and excessively trolly Asks are deleted. I can usually handle a certain level of trolliness.