— Lestat—

Lestat, not a bad friend to have, and one for whom I would lay down my immortal life, one for whose love and companionship I have ofttimes begged, one whom I find maddening and fascinating and intolerably annoying, one without whom I cannot exist.

Perhaps the most notable of us all. Lestat de Lioncourt, once an actor in the French theater and former American rock superstar. He came to me a just orphaned fledgling in the late 1700's, clad in red velvet and rich silks and he strutted over the dank Parisian cemetery Les Innocents that I resided in, wherein I commanded my dying coven of satanic worshipers. He destroyed what I had there with his enlightenment, but he also saved me and brought me back into this world. But Lestat left Paris to see the world, and left me to come into command of the very theater he once played in, one which was recreated as a safe haven of Our Kind: Theatre Des Vampires. Our tale sours further almost a century later when he returned to me and told me of the deception of his two fledgings, Louis and Claudia. I offered a remedy for his pain, a fair trial, but perhaps wounded him more then. The last time I would see him before he slept beneath the earth would be briefly in America in the early 1900's until once again he would awake to raise hell as the one hit wonder of the 1980's and along with him bring the destruction of our very kind by the side of Akasha. Our time together did not stop after that apocalyptic event, whereas I often trailed after him until the defining moment he chose to go to a man called Memnoch, the Devil incarnate who showed him God and the Christ himself. It would be two years before I would see him again, rising out of a coma in a old chapel. I cannot say our paths have crossed in a more positive or more negative way, only that each meeting has been of great importance in our lives. He is perhaps the closest thing to a brother and lover I could ever dare to have, for I hate him and love him all the same and could not live in this modern world if he were not in it. Ultimately, I begrudingly say, he remains dear to me now even when I loathe his very presence. Lestat, my dark brother.

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