BIANCA SOLDERINI the murderous courtesan, Marius & Amadeo’s lover

They took me to the home of the slender and beautiful courtesan, Bianca Solderini, a lithesome and incomparable charmer, with Botticelli-style wavy locks and almond shaped gray eyes and a generous and kindly wit. I was the fashion in her house whenever I wanted to be, among the young women and men there who spent hours reading poetry, talking of the foreign wars, which seemed endless, and of the latest painters and who would get what commission next.
Bianca had a small, childlike voice which matched her girlish face and tiny nose. Her mouth was a mere budding rose. But she was clever, and indomitable. She turned away possessive lovers coldly; she preferred that her house be full of people at all hours. Anyone in proper dress, or carrying a sword, was admitted automatically.
                 Almost no one but those who wanted to own her were ever turned away.


SHIP AESTHETIC @deorleans​ – louis/armand from Interview With The Vampire

`I wanted love and goodness in this which is living death,’ I said. `[…] And yet I would not accept it, could not accept it, because like all creatures I don’t wish to die! […] And when I came to Paris I thought you were powerful and beautiful and without regret, and I wanted that desperately. But you were a destroyer just as I was a destroyer, more ruthless and cunning even than I. You showed me the only thing that I could really hope to become, what depth of evil, what degree of coldness I would have to attain to end my pain. And I accepted that. And so that passion, that love you saw in me, was extinguished. And you see now simply a mirror of yourself.’
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Hi, could you please recommend some Armand ask blogs (if there are any)? I have a question for him but I can’t seem to find any “ask Armand” type of blogs??

It’s a touchy subject, recommending blogs, as inevitably I’ll leave someone out and then they may feel, well, LEFT OUT :-


I don’t follow as many RP blogs as I used to, it was too much to keep up with the various threads, some have gone inactive, new ones have started up… All attempts to make VC directories usually fail.

However, and that said, so you know I’m not playing favorites, there are some I remember by name, and so I tagged them below, but this is an incomplete list. Let’s make this an Ask Armand and Armand RPer roundup! People Off The Page, reblog/comment with any Ask  Armand and Armand RPer blog I left out 😉 

(in no special order, active-status not guaranteed):

Hope that helps!





Things I come home to.




such delish *u* altho Lestat was pretty much comatose… and it did end in Armand getting…

Ohh yes I do hope for more A/L stuff in PL since that last we saw if them two together was heartbreakingly sweet and tbh I wanna see more of how their relationship has built. You know i was talking with
over the phone a week ago about how Armand, having never been properly taught by Marius or the Children of Darkness how to approach the scene in Palais Royale, really had no clue Lestat would reject his gesture of ‘vampire romance’ —for lack of a better word. That and Lestat himself had NO clue how that kind of thing happened because he still was confused about how to vampire and like—that whole scene would have gone entirely different I think if they had communicated more (also if Armand stopped with that glamouring). But ye…I could ramble about the palais royale scene bc it is just—another part of tvl that really set up and defined Lestat and Armand’s relationship….)

ABSOLUTELY AGREED. The first time I read that scene I was all “Ooooh Armand you lil monster! Beating earned.” But yeah, after all the subsequent VC information, I see that scene very differently now, more like: “Lestat you dumbass, he wasn’t attacking, that was leurve/making-out vampire style omg”

Well it may have been some of both but still. 

I came across this old thread digging for smtg else, and there’s a good point here. Armand had some mixed feelings about fledgling!Lestat, both wanting to crush him into submission, but also, he might have been attracted to him. 

@faceofabotticelliangel​ makes a good suggestion that Armand might have been trying to seduce Lestat in the vampiry way, which he hadn’t really been taught, and Lestat was a fresh vampire and didn’t know that’s what it was, so of course, when Lestat rejected him, of course Armand’s going to react badly:

And as he struggled, as he sought to resurrect himself with a burst of force, he shot his declaration at me that he would kill me because he had my strength now. He’d drunk it out of me and coupled with his own strength it would make him impossible to defeat.

^I don’t know whether Armand really believed what he was saying but it must have really hurt to be rejected. Whether or not Armand really was trying to seduce, @faceofabotticelliangel​ makes a good point, “that whole scene would have gone entirely different I think if they had communicated more (also if Armand stopped with that glamouring)… another part of tvl that really set up and defined Lestat and Armand’s relationship….)”

What do you think about AR saying she wants an older actor for Armand because she’s afraid he would age if he was a teenager? Personally I think they could manage, and all I want (although I did appreciate Banderas) is an accurate representation of Armand for once. And everyone has so many great suggestions for every single other character but no one really seems to know about Armand. With casting an older actor, it is highly unlikely they will get very close to the book version. Love your blog

Thanks for lovin’ mah blargh



I understand, and I sympathize, we’d all love to have someone who’s closer to our headcanon for Armand *hugs* (I also appreciated Banderas’ Armand*, and @vraik had a post worth checking out re: the casting of Banderas instead of someone who fit the canon description better).

That said, an “accurate representation” is pretty tough to ask for bc actors are all human, and there will always be room for improvement. This is especially true re: a character like Armand who may be one of the furthest from being human than any of the other VC characters. Angel, demon, coven leader, youth, imp, etc… he is many things. And AR is not totally wrong, people do age, and it would be unfortunate to have to recast a character bc their actor “aged out” of the role, extra sad if they had built up good chemistry with the other actors!

What we need is someone who’s a little older than necessary who has that elusive *~forever-young gene~* (you know, like Keanu Reeves, someone who doesn’t age), and there are such ppl! I have it. I’m 33 and people still think I’m 17:


^This was before I got my haircut, but it’s pretty recent, no airbrushing, the mirror’s a little dirty tho OH WELL. I’m also posting it w/ this response bc really, the only VC character I could cosplay would be Armand, it’s just the face shape I have, being half Russian and all.

You can dig around in my #VC Casting tag for more ideas but here’s a few, under the cut. 

Casting Armand is gonna be tough, bc not only does he need to look that young and stay that young, he also needs to look like a painted portrait, I mean who really looks like a Botticelli angel?! And even then, we don’t all agree 100% on what these characters look like, we’re all influenced by our own culture’s ideals of beauty, our own aesthetic tastes, etc. So my choice of Botticelli angel might not even be yours.

But let’s assume we all agree on THIS angel for the sake of argument, and we hand this over to a casting agent:


[^Madonna of the Pomegranate by Sandro Botticelli, circa 1487, detail]

Fortunately, there are ppl out there who refuse to age, who look younger than they are already, and that’s the kind of actor I’d want ;3 so…

Hit the jump for some options, cut for length.

  • Levi Miller – AR’s choice at one point.
  • Jaco Van Den Hoven
  • Matthew Clavane
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster
  • Kirill Nikolini
  • (leaving out the fan fave, Bjorn Andresen, bc he is not an option, too old now!)


^Levi Miller, AR’s choice at one point, not sure if she still wants him. I think he’s 15 now, but that face, very childlike. Too childlike? idk.


^X Jaco Van Den Hoven, model, is 26 now, but looks like he could pass for ten years younger.


^X Armand by @teambratprince (hit the X for larger version!) which is really one of my fave fanarts of him ever, and it was based on Jaco Van Den Hoven.


^X Matthew Clavane, a current fandom fave, idk how old he is. Could pass for 15 but he’s a working model so I assume he’s 21+? 


^Thomas Brodie-Sangster is 26 and could pass for 15. Idk how old he is in this gif.


^Kirill Nikolini, also a model. @faceofabotticelliangel‘s FC for Armand for awhile. Idk how old he is in the pic or now but… an option? Maybe.

*The book version of Armand, IIRC, was not really developed as much in IWTV, yet another reason they could cast Banderas (preeeetty sure you know by now that I have a place in my heart for his Armand, too <3). I’m pretty sure that his physical appearance is sketched out (auburn hair and brown eyes) in IWTV, the focus is more on his attitude and what he says. His description is clarified in TVL and the later books. 


“Forget me now, Father,” I said. “Forget me, as if the monks had sent me away. But remember this, on account of you, I shall never be buried in the muddy graves of the Monastery. No, other things may befall me. But that, I won’t suffer. Because of you, that you wouldn’t have it, that you came that day and demanded I ride out with you, that I be your son.”

I turned to go. He shot forward, clasping the bottle by the neck in his left hand and clamping his powerful right hand over my wrist. He pulled me down to him, as if I were a mere mortal, with his old strength and he pressed his lips against my bowed head.


                       "Andrei, my angel child, my gifted and golden son!

The Vampire Armand
Cosplays c @chrissydeath @v-e-r-r-e-t-t



“Armand: Three Part Series – ‘What’s in a name?’

  • Part 2  AND 3 – Amadeo vs Armand

**To read and view images for Part 1 – click here. With a contribution by @ourbotticelliangel .

What’s in a name? A lot when we’re talking about Armand from The Vampire Chronicles. In The Vampire Armand, Armand breaks down his life for you. However I like to break down his novel/life into 3 parts according to his given names:

  1. Andrei (Given by his Father: Ivan)
  2. Amadeo (Given to him by his Master: Marius)
  3. Armand (Given to him by his fellow Coven member aka Child Of Darkness: Allesandra)

Instead of rambling on here is a concise summary of Amadeo vs. Armandclick here. Thank you to @faceofabotticelliangel

I just don’t think I could write anything that could do Armand justice after reading @faceofabotticelliangel ‘s post. 

Enjoy the photo-set!






so magnus stole the blood from an unnamed vampire three hundred years or so before he made lestat right? right. SOOOOOO SOO SOS OSOSOS  HE KNEW VAMPIRES WERE A REAL THING SO ODOSOOSOSOS?? ?? WHAT IF! !!?!!? WHAT IF HE WAS A MEMBER OF THE TALAMASCA!!!!!>!»!>!> 



I like how this stemmed off wantingvto watch The Princess Bride

But oui it makes sense since he was an alchemist and somehow knew enough about vampires then to keep one captive and take their blood to transform them )

I HAD THIS VERY THOUGHT, TOO. Was Magnus in any other book than TVL, which explains more about him? I don’t remember. 

I would imagine Lestat loves the Princess Bride so much that he’s memorized the lines and will parrot them theatrically during the movie. And he makes Louis speak all of Buttercup’s lines, which Louis will do, as deadpan as possible. 

^ Just want to point out that this headcanon was posted around Nov. 3, 2013. And then in Prince Lestat… spoiler under cut: