Anne Rice: please please please DO NOT crossover the VC w/ the Wolf Gift. If I had only one wish for this new book, it would be that one.

Inspired by and made for Laviniaspeaks, in the style of Allie Brosh’s amazing Hyperbole and a Half

she’s talking about doing it????

she kinda talked about new supernatural creatures(?????)


(i havent even read the wolf gift do you think i should??)

idk i haven’t even read all the books in the vampire chronicles i’m probably not gonna do it

Even if you’ve read all the VC, this new one is sort of an off-shoot, it happens after Queen of the Damned (#3) (maybe after Tale of the Body Thief (#4), too) but before Memnoch the Devil (#5)(i think). So you’d only have to read 1-3. 

She did threaten new supernatural creatures. It’s possible. Wurwulves are a very real danger. Brace yourself.

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