So I’ve been in the fandom for about…2 weeks. In the middle of the 4th book right now. I’ve heard that the books get worse and stuff and I wonder if I should read all of them or skip some or…?

This is really hard to answer, and I nearly answered it privately, bc I don’t want to sow dissension in the fandom, it’s something ppl love to scream into the void about. But I see you’ve already started drawing some fanart for the fandom, so I want to encourage you to stay with us!

Some fans would tell you that #4 onwards in canon have certain characters being forgotten or mistreated by the author. I would say that there are storylines that are dark to the point that, even with my very high threshold for Crazy Shit, even I’ve had to close whatever one of these later books and just say, “omgz Aaaaaanne, whyyyy… We didn’t want this, nobody wanted this…”


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I’ve heard that the books get worse and stuff and I wonder if I should read all of them or skip some or…?


So this depends on your definition of “worse.” They are a pile of dysfunctional hipster trash vampires, and several characters, but specifically the main character in the books, do some exceedingly problematic stuff, and, arguably, he is not condemned by the author in the text. There are fans who choose to disregard all the books from #4 onwards bc of that, and that’s totally fine. 

Your headcanon is your own, and you do NOT have to accept all of canon, and you do NOT have to interpret canon the way any other fan interprets it. Don’t let another fan bully you into thinking their interpretation is the Only one.

PERSONALLY, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way: back in the old days we called the later books #the Vampire Crackicles (spoilers in that tag) and enjoyed them for the silliness, bc there is plenty of humor still in the darkfic. And there are those, like me, who want to read darkfic, too. We want to go there in fiction, and explore what the consequences of even the most atrocious actions are. Can a character who’s committed X crime ever be redeemed? Redemption might not even be about forgiveness from the victim, but the effort of that character to strive to improve. That can be so cathartic for the reader, whether the character achieves it or not, the inspiration can come from the fact that they TRY and FAIL! repeatedly.

I always recommend that ppl give each of the books a chance, even the most cracky have some good stuff in them.

For the most part I think we’re a kinder fandom than others, since we suffered through our own fandom creator waging war on our fanfic and driving us underground for years.

And the fandom is pretty welcoming, but I’ve found it’s better if you know what happens in canon, and can talk about it with other fans, make fanworks about it, or whatev. Even to criticize. 

Like any social media, though, your fandom experience is what you make of it, follow the #vampire chronicles tag, find some bloggers you like, and reach out! 

Same anon here! Okay, thanks for the answer! Guess I’ll read them patiently in order then ;–)

De rien!


On a little further reflection, you can skip: *possible spoilers under the cut*

Pandora – Is mostly about Pandora, and Marius, and their relationship. Pandora’s not really in PL much and their relationship doesn’t have much to do with how Marius is in PL.

Vittorio – This is technically not a VC book, and he has a different origin story and is not part of the VC vampire group.

Blackwood Farm – This is mostly a story told to Lestat and he’s not very invested in it, I don’t think many (any?) of the new characters introduced in this book make any more than a mention or brief appearance in PL. It is also fairly cracky.

Blood Canticle – AR said that PL deviates from canon in that it does not include the hybrid VC/Mayfair Witches stuff, but I think she meant this book specifically, which has Rowan Mayfair, who does not appear at all in PL. It is also very cracky.



We love what we love. Reason does not enter into it. In many ways, unwise love is the truest love. Anyone can love a thing because. But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and pure and perfect.
~Patrick Rothfuss, from The Wise Man’s Fear (via violentwavesofemotion)


I feel like Only Lovers Left Alive is how Lestat and his coven like to think of themselves but in reality they’re What We Do in the Shadows.




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2007 was the year it happened. The year I became a brah…

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wombatkittenkisser, it’s subjective. As LIFE ITSELF is subjective! There are high points that reach towards the very sun and low points that go right down to repeated bloody-lego-stepping-self-mutilation. “Goodness” lies in how you react to it.

Sorry if this is weird, but I really like your blog! It makes me really happy to see another poor soul stuck in Vampire Chronicles hell. :D

Not weird at all, awwww thank u! Such feels, much appreciate. Comments like yours fuel this blog. Ppl may not think so but I do crave appreciate that encouragement now and again, when I begin to feel like I should have moved on to another fandom long ago… 


It’s too late for me though, I CANNOT MOVE ON. This is where I have laid my affections. We are a godforsaken fandom… from the fanfic wars to the questionable canon, but still lovable dysfunctional vampires (the main one being a gorgeous blond hamburger-brained suicidal moron), there’s a reason we call it the Vampire Crackicles.


In fanfic, fanart, and meta we trust. 

I feel like all the Vampire Chronicles books should just be renamed with a brief description of whatever adventures Lestat got up to in them


So books 1-10 would become

  1. Lestat’s Adventures with a Progressive Family
  2. Lestat’s Bisexual Adventures in 18th Century France
  3. Lestat’s Adventures with the Queen of the Vampires
  4. Lestat’s Adventures as a Human
  5. Lestat’s Adventures with Satan
  6. Lestat’s Adventures in a Coma
  7. Lestat’s Adventures with Polyamory 
  8. Lestat’s Adventures in the Deep South
  9. Lestat’s Adventures with Not Being There At All
  10. Lestat’s Adventures with Witches and Other Weird Shit

11. Lestat’s Adventures in Fixing Everyone Else’s Problems [nodominion]