{{WHERE DO YOU GET ALL OF YOUR PICTURES FROM?! I need more of Lestat… -.-}}


*ahem* I get my pics mostly by taking my own screenshots from my DVD copy (same with my gifs), however, textsfromthevampire has a link to high-res screenshots.

My pics are so good bc I am a bit of a technical wizard *smiles haughtily* 

The production stills: I dig these up from all over the interwebs and there’s no secret to finding them, just HOURS OF SEARCHING for higher res pics. Sometimes I just put a low-res version of a VC pic from my tumblr dash into google image search and I find the better version of that pic, plus a little collection of new production stills on whatever site that better version is on.

TL;DR whatever whatever I do what I want. 

PS. I love your blog and your FC obviously (TC will always be my Lestat ngl)(aside from fanart)(I love the spectrum of Lestat fanart representations from silly to manga to realistic)


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