Always post the rules. Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked. Write 11 new ones and tag 11 new people.

My Questions:

1. Would you rather be blind or deaf?

2. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
//Getting through Art Academy in the…

Well! I never do these, but I am quite flattered to have been tagged in one. 

I think I’ll make up my own questions bc this is a VC blog and that’s what it’s about, not ME. 

1. When/why did you first read the VC?

I was 11 yrs old. I was offered the book from a fringe girl at summer camp who saw me reading the Shining and told me that altho I seemed to like stuff like this, I wouldn’t be able to handle IWTV. She gave me her obviously tattered paperback, and I loved it. I more than proved her wrong. I blame her for the whole addiction. 

2. Which VC character did you first relate to the most and is that still your current choice?

I related to Claudia first, being an 11 yr old girl and wanting to be taken seriously and treated like an adult was important. I was told by the adults  who could perceive it that I was wise beyond my years. 

Then I moved on to Louis, bc he’s all adorable and trying to figure out his place in the world and Brad Pitt and *swoon*… but I quickly realized I was more attracted to him than empathizing with him, I was always more in-your-face, impulsive, often tactless, and a drama-queen, so Lestat became my fave. And that’s persisted to this day. 


I dunno… those are the only questions I feel like answering for now!

Anyone who follows me is welcome to answer those two, I’m always curious about when/why people became interested in the series and which character(s) they relate to most.

Or the questions from the original post, that’s fine, too!

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