Thanks, bb! ❤ Your Lestat knows that revenge is a dish best served cold, with a side of silent treatment. Oooooh.

People Off the Page: As you can see, primusdux’s Lestat and my Lestat are totes sharing the black queen crown ♛, FYI, and it’s totally okay, nothing is gonna get broken. 

Lestats playing nicely with himselfs, yayyy! Oh wait…


paopaofh omg u r killing me how sweet!! i’m not worthy yes i am.


Aw, I rarely do these things, but much flattered, being tagged by the illustrious merciful-death so here we go…


  • Your nickname.

Burnadette, Burny *u*

Yes… I have a real name… but I’m still sorta trying to keep this VC blog separate in case of… certain people.

  • Your eye color.

Brown, sometimes hazel, sometimes I get a green tint in the right lighting.

  • Your hair color.

Light brown.

  • One fact about you.

My neighbors across the street are actually the patients in a hospital and I sometimes forget and walk around naked in my apartment. I hope I haven’t accidentally caused any heart attacks or eye injuries…

  • Favorite color.

I love all teh colors, but I have gradually decorated my apartment in a cream, teal, navy, red, and chestnut scheme, so perhaps those? 

My dad has always said warm orange shades go best with my complexion. 

  • Favorite place.

New York! Close second: Portland, Oregon. I’ve traveled alot though so I could really make a case for alot of other places. Obviously Paris, too. Surprisingly, Van Nuys, CA. It’s in the valley above LA. Quiet little area, very peaceful.   

  • Favorite celebrity.

Hmmmm that is difficult, I like different celebrities for different reasons, but if I could only choose one? To meet? Neil Jordan, to beg him for cut scenes! Favorite celebrity though, would probably have to be Tom Cruise, despite all the craziness, he will always have a place in my heart. 

  • Favorite animal.


  • Favorite song.

This varies over time, but I’ve always loved:

~ The Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven, bc of reasons

While the Earth Sleeps by Peter Gabriel and Deep Forest to pull me out of a bad mood even though I’m pretty sure the lyrics are gibberish? It can be a VERY irritating song sometimes but in the right frame of mind, the bridge of this song (around 2:48) is just so powerful.

~ Also Seal’s Crazy. I first heard it as background music in a David Copperfield magic special and fell in love with it. 

Damn I think I want to do a whole music post… I couldn’t wedge NIN in here.

  • Favorite book.

The Vampire Lestat… Also love The Shining.


~~~> I am tagging a bunch of RPers and want you to respond to these questions IN CHARACTER as your muse! Anyone else is welcome, too. 


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Hay Guise (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hey wow I had an !attack! of memeything inspiration tonite. Probs bc of following inspiring RPers and reading juicy fanfic ♥u

… just a note, I’m outta town this wknd and next, probs be too busy for much action here in tumblrland for the next week or so bc of that. Dig around in the archive for your i-want-my-iwtv needs ;]


I-want-my-iwtv is RPing holy shit!!!1!1

Just FYI, I’m RPing a teeensy teensy bit, as Lestat. I have a teensy thread going with claudiaindarkness, if she feels like continuing it, but I cannot take on new threads right now… maybe a with a FEW other ppl… the tag for it is iwantmyiwtv RP.

So I’m terribly elitist and exclusive, I’m sorry, but I have a hard enough time as it is being on tumblr and having a day job, so please be patient, don’t get all mad at me. I might not be able to handle even a teensy bit of RPing. We’ll see.

I think I’ll take Asks as Lestat, tho. So you can send those ;}