Rate my character of their attractiveness :


A+: Flawless/Sexy
A-: Gorgeous/Hot
B+: Beautiful/Handsome
B-: Pretty/Cute
C+: Cute/Decent
C-: Decent/Okay
D+: Okay/Umm…
D-: Ugly
F: Horrid


I would say A+ because I think Claudia is flawless but cannot agree with sexy.

Not an RPer but I write Louis in fic and I fear Claudia would be just as conflicted about him in my writing as she is in canon.

I love Claudia and I love the conflict engendered by her character.

Agreed on this, vampchronfic. Claudia’s sensuality (well, whatever word we want to use for her inner romantic feelings, or lack thereof) is difficult to say the least. It’s very hard to get past the child-body issue.  

I think they did it very well in the film when Louis refers to her as his child, and Armand corrects him, “You say so, yet you are innocent,” so Louis instead goes with,  "My beloved.“  He does love her deeply, but it’s not enough for her. 

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