I saw this and I was like “what a perfect opportunity to draw more really stupid VC shit”

2018 VC SECRET SANTA status


Hello all, we got a great turnout this year! Your mods are now working on assignments and should send them out early next week, definitely by Nov. 24. Thanks to everyone for joining 😀

In the meantime, you can dig around in the archives for inspiration, if you like!

Hi! I was just wondering if it’s okay to apply even if I haven’t read all the books? I just don’t want to let anyone down by getting characters or anything like that incorrect. Thank you!


Absolutely, that’s fine! Some people have only seen one of the movies, or the Musical, or only read the more recent books, etc… the gift exchange has no prerequisite!


In fact, we got a submission in from someone who said they hadn’t read past one of the books, themselves, so they don’t know characters outside it, so we won’t be matching them with someone who wants to give/get those characters.

Tell us what you have read/watched, that will help us match you ^_____^



Bad Vampire Chronicles Aesthetics: Interview w/ the Vampires

u whining coward of a vampire who prowls the night killing alley cats and rats and staring for hrs at candles as if they were ppl and standing in the rain like a zombie until ur clothes are drenched and u smell like old wardrobe trunks in attics and have the look of a baffled idiot at the zoo.

(Inspired by Bad Shakespeare Aesthetics!)



Have some more freshly-baked Vampire Chronicles memes from my brilliant friend, Chrissy.

Interview with the Vampire fanart by Natasha Kinaru

“What a beautiful movie! Being in love with vampire stories since my childhood, I’ve read quite a few of Anne Rice’s books over the years, and of course watched the big-screen version. I don’t know what inspired me more for this – the book or the movie. Probably both. I used A4 Lomond Matt Photopaper (not the photo side), Rotring mechanical pencils B, 2B and kooh-i-noor pencils 2H-8B”

“I am inspired by people, so different, beautiful, interesting, mysterious, bright, talented. Drawing allows you to see them closer, try to guess the character, to convey mood, emotion. If it works – a portrait alive, looking at it you can see the spark in his eyes and painted soul of the artist”.

WIP under the cut





Louis de Pointe du Lac; Lestat de Lioncourt; Claudia: Interview with the Vampire

Happy (almost) Halloween from HamilPOP and everyone’s favorite gloomy vampires (sorry, Twilight…)!

I keep hearing scuttlebutt that there’s going to be a new adaptation of The Vampire Chronicles as a television show or a film remake of the 1994 movie. Just when I think I get out of a fandom, it drags me back in. And TVC was my first BIG one. Sigh.

I still love Louis the most best always. ❣️

ALL THREE AVAILABLE NOW! If someone purchases a single figurine, I will remove the option to purchase the set.




Mostly an excuse to draw Lestat in that outfit because honestly he would.