VC – Memnoch Shenanigans by Eeba-ism

“Oh the horror on Armand’s face…

And David, the pity, the sympathy… 

And the shining gamine figure of my Dora, my slender yearning Dora with her huge black eyes…

I rolled her over gently… and pulled up her skirt…” – the Vampire Lestat, Memnoch the Devil

Oh. My. God.

Ok, ok… of course this moment seemed dramatic to me when I first read it, which is why i highlighted it (u should see all my VC books lol.. they glow). 

But when I went back to read it again I couldn’t help but laugh myself sick imagining Armand’s and David’s reactions to Lestat’s particular choice in cuisine once he’d made it back to Earth.

This is completely OOC, I know. But whatever. I couldn’t resist at least drawing a crappy little picture. It was just too funny in my head.

Oh, and I draw Armand with freckles. Deal.

This is. I would say. The Squickiest scene in the whole series. And 50% of the squick is the fact that poor David and Armand are just standing there watching it happen. 

I love the fanart tho! This is probably the only fanart of that scene.

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