Akasha with Lestat in a nutshell.

VC fanart

merciful-death: #Yes#Yes Lestat#She was quite insane#It is unfortunate you could never detect that fact#I told you to not go forward with that concert#I told you it was a ridiculous idea#Had you simply canceled the affair and left with me I would assume the return of your crazy ex-girlfriend would not have happened#But I suppose you are easily manipulated#I loathe that she created such an immense imbalance within yourself for multiple decades#It is her fault that you went into the sun#It is her fault that you traded bodies with a pathological thief#It is her fault that you began to see images of Satan#It is her fault that you were catatonic for five years#It is her fault that…all of the events you chronicled in your last novel that I can barely stomach#She dragged you into her own insanity#I fear she will pull you back again#I would kill her if I could#There are few things that would give me as much satisfaction as ripping her heart out and smashing it beneath my foot#I would set fire to the corpse#It would be highly enjoyable#But I fear that would break you#I would have to do it in secret#You could never know of it#Mon Dieu

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