Back during the time when it was popular to bash Twilight for both legitimate reasons (Edward being borderline abusive to Bella, the whole child grooming plot point in Breaking Dawn, etc.) and not (REAL VAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE THATS GAY), I saw this meme on Facebook where it was Louis and Lestat from Interview With The Vampire commenting on Edward’s sparkling and making fun of him for being gay. Like… Buddy My Guy. My Fair Dude. My Dear Sweet Homophobic Idiot. Not only are the Vampires in IWTV super duper gay, you’re lying to yourself if you think Lestat wouldn’t slam dunk his entire body into a tub of glitter on any given occasion. You Fool. You Imbecile.



Louis: Does he ask our pity? He can walk in the sunlight, whereas we, foul creatures of darkness as we are, are forever barred from God’s kindly li –

Lestat, upending a pound of iridescent craft glitter on his head: SHUT UP LOUIS

Everyone on this post is gonna be sued by Anne Rice

Okay, but this is missing out on the glorious tags of the OP:
#what kind of SAVAGE AND AN IDIOT would ever imagine Lestat#a man who crawled out of the swamps of new orleans because his ex wrote a book and was /getting more attention than him/#and then proceeded to become a GLAM ROCK DIVA and Slut For Fame™️#just so people wouldn’t forget who was Doing Better after the breakup#wouldn’t just absolutely snort a tub of glitter like so much expensive cocaine#lestat de lioncourt – ultimate nightmare toreador#cowards#have you met him even once


I resisted doing this but I have no choice MUST ADD:

^Lestat by @garama & @merciful-death

Do you know any blogs that rp as louis

It’s a touchy subject, recommending blogs, as inevitably I’ll leave someone out and then they may feel, well, LEFT OUT :-


(BTW I respond to asks for Louis with ♠ in the #louis muse tag, so you can ask him things, but he can’t go on to do full threads)

I don’t follow as many RP blogs as I used to, it was too much to keep up with the various threads, some have gone inactive, new ones have started up… All attempts to make VC directories usually fail.

However, and that said, so you know I’m not playing favorites, there are some I remember by name or saw in the notes for this roundup post, and so I tagged them below, but this is an incomplete list. Let’s make this an Ask Louis and Louis RPer roundup! People Off The Page, reblog/comment with any Ask Louis and Louis RPer blog I left out 😉

(active-status not guaranteed):


devilsfool submitted:

Bon anniversaire, ma moitié.

226 years ago, I accidentally stumbled across you in a sordid little inn by the waterfront. Since that moment, my life has never been quite the same. 

I love you. Stupidly, foolishly, against both of our better instincts. Thank you for ignoring your better judgement and coming back to me, again and again and again. 

So…You wanted a bath? Let’s have a bath. 

Ah, and so lucky for you, that I have such poor judgement.  I love you too, mon coeur.

One could hardly turn down such a proposition, given the breathtaking view.

You even trusted me enough to have candles beside the bath.  I am flattered.

i just realized my first prom dress is soo Lestat. Gold everywhere, sequins, over the top patterns, i can’t believe i never noticed XD

That sounds very #Lestatuesque, share a picture with us if you have any! He does love gold and sequins and over the top patterns and !SPRAKLES! (which, really, is a much better way to spell “sparkles,” n’est pas?).


^X by @garama & @merciful-death

Lestat & Louis! Do you have any pets? if you don’t, what ones would you want?

♛Lestat here. Louis and I had a wonderful dog, which took some time for him to warm up to as he had nearly killed the poor creature the first time they met! Mojo remembered that, but having such a large heart, Mojo was able to forgive and forget.


[^X by @woutertulp]

There was a cat that made her home with us, a black cat named Harriet. Louis informed me that that was her name.* She is tolerable. I mean, she only lets Louis pet her so you can see why I’m not overly fond of her!

Animals are instinctively wary of us, it’s been a painful side effect of being what we are that dogs in particular often see us as threats and their startled owners are left flustered with apologies like “She never acts this way around strangers normally!” and that sort of thing. Dogs were a great source of solace for me in my youth and I know that Louis loved horses. I have frightened horses into compliance but it’s not the same as the caring relationship one can have with a beloved pet *sighs*

What type of pet would we like if we could have our choice? Louis has always been fond of birds, so I would say that he’d like a pair of lovebirds, or an a talking bird like an African Gray parrot. I’m sure he’d prefer I not teach it curse words, but you know that I would have to do that!

Personally I find large cats like tigers compelling and would love to have one, but I love my interior decoration more, and those two things do not mix. As much of a gentleman as Mojo was, a number of vases and statues fell to their deaths due to an accidentally wagging tail or… admittedly… our impromptu wrestling matches *grins*

*(//ooc; @merciful-death‘s headcanon, for more on that: #harriet). 




I’m re-watching Interview With The Vampire and as much as I love Lestat, I feel so bad for Louis. Like, I really can’t blame him. I really can’t. He’s stuck with this loud, blonde, glittery murder machine and all he wants to do is crawl into a pillow fort and cry for 700 years. Can you blame him? Can you?

I can ^o^ Lestat is the right punishment for someone with a deathwish who chooses immortality. Louis really didn’t think this through, imho.

Totally agree with this, too.

Think before you drink, kids.

#glittery murder machine

^X by @garama@merciful-death