Sentence Starters — The Vampire Lestat Edition


Send my muse one of the following and my muse will write up a starter for yours reacting to what was said. [All sentences can be found in The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice]

  1. “I never lie, at least not to those I don’t love.”
  2. “Oh, my darling, wish you were here!”
  3. “You will be, always and forever alone!”
  4. “You deserved everything that’s ever happened to you”
  5. “I want to go home.”
  6. “You sense my loneliness..”
  7. “I don’t deserve to be loved.”
  8. “I don’t believe in anything!”
  9. “We’re going to die and not even know.”
  10. “What did I say last night?”
  11. “You’re the mad one.”
  12. “Save your kisses for the world, little one.”
  13. “Who cares?”
  14. “I didn’t tell her…”
  15. “But, I think she knew…”
  16. “We were supposed to go down.”
  17. “It was what I wanted…”
  18. “All a misunderstanding, my love..”
  19. “It has nothing to do with goodness!”
  20. “You’re a liar, a contemptible liar”
  21. “It is petty!”
  22. “You are God’s fool, that’s what you are.”
  23. “You may have it, if you wish.”
  24. “You turned everything upside down!”
  25. “I despise you.”
  26. “But I am done with you.”
  27. “Come, my beauties, come.”
  28. “He’s made his choice.”
  29. “He didn’t know. He doesn’t know still …”
  30. “Let him go…”
  31. “But now I have to find that devil…”
  32. “He watches…”
  33. “God only knows what he will do…”
  34. “No, no, my dearest one..”
  35. “You know it was the damnedest luck.”
  36. “Devil!”
  37. “Surely you know what they’re doing.”
  38. “What can I do to make you love me?”
  39. “But take me with you.”
  40. “I don’t know how to exist here now.”
  41. “Is there nothing outside yourself you would respect?”
  42. “I might have destroyed you tonight.”
  43. “That you never could have done.”
  44. “I curse you!”
  45. “Let her be!”
  46. “Oh, but it’s always a travesty, don’t you see?”
  47. “I don’t want to hear this. It means nothing”
  48. “Don’t you see your error?”
  49. “You are a fool.”
  50. “Don’t say any more…”
  51. “You make me hate you. Is that what you want?”
  52. “Unlike her, you cannot stand to be alone.”
  53. “Who else can understand your suffering?”
  54. “What do you want? Really want?”
  55. “Don’t be a fool for the Devil, darling.”
  56. “To be godless is probably the first step to innocence..”
  57. “It’s just the card I drew.”
  58. “You better not die…”
  59. “You might actually go to hell.”
  60. “Monsieur, what’s the matter!”

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