The Vampire Chronicles Meme

Interview with the Vampire: How would you introduce yourself at the start of an interview?

The Vampire Lestat: What people and events in your life have had the biggest influence on you?

Queen of the Damned: Do you believe actions are stronger than words? Do you think your actions through?

Tale of the Body Thief: If you could change something about yourself, the way you are or look, what would it be?

Memnoch the Devil: What are your religious beliefs? Your view of good and evil?

The Vampire Armand: What is a memory you would rather forget?

Merrick: How far are you willing to go to achieve your goals?

Blood and Gold: Who are your enemies? If you want revenge, what shape would you like it to take?

Blackwood Farm: Are you haunted by ghosts of the past, literally or metaphorically? Any regrets, any guilt?

Blood Canticle: Have you ever slipped into insanity? What was it like? If you haven’t, do you think you’re safe from it?

Prince Lestat: What form of governing do you personally think best and why?

Blood Paradise: What fears or hopes do you hold for your future?


Drew a Mael today, one of my favourite VC characters. I’m always irked when people draw him too pretty. He’s one of the ‘uglier’ vampires and that’s what I like about him.

ALSO! I made a new Mael RP account. @mael-gallia Mr Bad-Luck Second-Choice Forever-Alone Mael. ❤ Give him some love.


I’ve had soooooo many requests for Armand and Marius sitting in my inbox and finally drew it! The pose is inspired by SEVERAL Gaston Bussière paintings, he is a master of hugs- more specifically his paintings of Elsa and Lohengrin. So tender!

I wanted to do some splendid looking clothing and did not have to stray far for inspiration. @amadeo-child-of-the-renaissance is an AMAZING costume designer this Amadeo was the reference. As for Marius, please admire tico_cosplay and her amazing portrayal. VC is such a small and talented community, I feel so lucky to take part!

This is also a thank you to all of the amazing Armand rpers I’ve had the pleasure of writing with. You’re all so sweet and talented and bring so many fascinating images to life. ❤ 

hey there 🤗🤗🤗! hope you’re ok and having a great time. I told you before but here it is, one more time: you’re amazing and your blog is the best VC haven! Thank you for all your work and for helping me get back to writing and RPing 🤗

Thank you for the blog lurve, and I’m so glad I helped you get back into writing and RPing ❤ These kinds of messages tell me I’m running this thing right, bc both of those things count as lifeblood for the fandom.


(And yes, I’m good, hope you are, too. I think you’re one of my longest-time followers?? And you’re not bored of me yet?? lol)  

BTW, to anyone who sees this post: @rip1009 RP’s as Nicolas de Lenfent at @monsieur-nicolas-de-lenfent. They are looking for a Santiago to RP with, too. 

Aaaaand, their in-progress Nicolas origin series fanfic can be found here:

Why do you think Lestat is the best of all? And do you know any good Lestat RP’s around here? Thank you!

Why do you think Lestat is the best of all?

I don’t know that he’s the best of any group, lol. I think he’s actually the worst among many. But, I do admire a lot of things about him. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves. As it was described to me once, falling for Lestat is like falling down a flight of stairs. Sometimes it happens and it’s not what you might have planned, and it’s not all rainbows and sparkles, it can be painful at times, lol. It is what it is. I should answer this more seriously but I can’t right now. 

And do you know any good Lestat RP’s around here?

That’s really hard to answer bc:

A) I don’t follow as many RPers as I used to, there were too many threads on my dash and I couldn’t read them all. 

B) I try not to pick out names bc that can make people feel left out. 

C) My taste in an RPer is subjective, I don’t think it’s fair for me to say who’s good or not, I could never be objective about people RPing as the characters they love, doing it for free, for fun, on their own time!

^All that said, if you’re looking for a Lestat to RP with there are a pile of them out there at any given time, but whether they’re active or welcome new RP partners is up to each one individually. Most Lestats are happy to respond to Asks tho! (My Lestat will respond to asks, but will not do back and forth threads, the mun doesn’t have the time for that.)

Here are some Lestats I’ve seen around (in no particular order):

@theoneandonlylestat, @devilsfool@thelionscrimsonclaws, @bravenotstubborn, @lestat-delight, @thevampireforthesetimes, @xxconsumed, @gottalovelestat, @malveillants-bratprince, @lebratprincelestat, @lixncourt, @primusdux, @wolfkilling-prince, @fiendofthedamned, @from-fiction-into-legend-blog, @askthebratprince, @lestat-and-louis-de-lioncourt, @lestat-and-louis

And you might try this roundup post we send around every so often, there may be active Lestats on it.

Anyone is welcome to reblog/comment with Lestat RPer tags, I’m sure I missed some of them, sorry about that ❤

Do you know any blogs that rp as louis

It’s a touchy subject, recommending blogs, as inevitably I’ll leave someone out and then they may feel, well, LEFT OUT :-


(BTW I respond to asks for Louis with ♠ in the #louis muse tag, so you can ask him things, but he can’t go on to do full threads)

I don’t follow as many RP blogs as I used to, it was too much to keep up with the various threads, some have gone inactive, new ones have started up… All attempts to make VC directories usually fail.

However, and that said, so you know I’m not playing favorites, there are some I remember by name or saw in the notes for this roundup post, and so I tagged them below, but this is an incomplete list. Let’s make this an Ask Louis and Louis RPer roundup! People Off The Page, reblog/comment with any Ask Louis and Louis RPer blog I left out 😉

(active-status not guaranteed):


I just wanted to pop in and remind all the fic writers & RP’ers out there that you don’t have to listen to the black & white thinkers trolling this website who want to shit on you every time you bring up something sympathetic about your character.

It’s okay for “bad” characters to have sympathetic traits. It would be boring as fuck if they didn’t. It’s unfortunate that so many people out there are too salty and dense to understand a complex character, but don’t let it get you down!

If you’re a good fic writer or RP’er it’s really important to take all facets of the character’s personality into consideration. You aren’t here to write a 2D ebul cartoon. You should be taking their motives into consideration. You should be figuring out their demeanor. If they are a charming sociopath, you should write them as being charming. That’s the whole fucking point!

Fic writers and RP’ers engage in fandom in a way that unwraps characters and tries to figure out what makes them tick. We want to figure out why they feel the way they feel, we want to figure out their temperament, we want to understand. It’s an exercise in creative empathy and there are a lot of people out there who just don’t have a creative bone in their body. They’re gonna try to shout you down for acknowledging that a character can have gray morality or be a dichotomy in some way and I hope it doesn’t discourage anyone. 

So get outta my face with all this purity politics bullshit, plz & thank you. Acknowledging conflicting pieces of your character is a responsible and creatively intelligent thing to do, and people who don’t get that can eat a dick.

Don’t let it stop you! 

^^^ THIS ^^^