→ introduction

I’ve not actually hit a milestone or anything (although I have gained a couple hundred followers in just a few months and idk why tbh).  Just felt like making another follow forever.  I’ll inevitably do another one when I hit 1k followers.

I made this account a little over two years ago.  Compared to a lot of people, I’m relatively new to RP, having only started doing it in 2011, and Louis is now the character I’ve roleplayed longest.  It’s been A+ much fun gr9.  Thank you all for being cool.

Fanart credit here.

→ actual shout outs

Some of my good friends go follow.

► archangeloftheunderground
I keep saying I’m going to read Kuroshit and then I never do because I’m lame, but despite not knowing the canon well, I adore her Ciel.  Louis likes to unnerve him sometimes.  Also I’m going to drag the mun to an insane water slide someday.

► deadlyxdelights
I legit want to pinch Sven’s cheeks 99.9999% of the time.  He’s a bae and Louis likes to invite him over to his place for private poetry readings and kisses.  Bri is an awesome RPer and an even greater person that I am very appreciative to have as a friend.  I always look forward to talking and RPing with her.

► devilsviolinist
A+ Nicki and a great roleplayer.  Her writing blows me away.  We’ve had some kind of spiritual connection idk.

I know literally nothing about every single character she RPs true story.  I thought Gerard Way was a fictional character from a fictional band called My Chemical Romance, so I feel like I’ve learned many things from Ali.

► gorgeous-fiend
One of the very first Lestats I RPed with on here.  She disappeared for a while and it made me super sad.  Her Lestat is really the whole deal?  Like, she captures his general ridiculousness along with how complex of a character he actually is.  Her Lestat has made me laugh and cry deep inside.  Also another wonderful person and idk I’m not letting her go ever ok.

► interviewed-the-vampire
Louis wants to hit this Daniel over the head and it’s perfect.  Cera’s also hilarious and has said some of the most memorable things in Skype calls for the entirety of 2014, imo.  But do the vampires still have their butt hairs??

► i-want-my-iwtv
Not even an RPer but idgaf.  She makes some of the most hilarious posts.  Definitely a blog that all VC fans should be following.  And she’s seriously one of the nicest people.  Like, legit, she’s so kind to me I can’t even.

► redthelittlesprite
My Red baby.  The character is adorable and the mun is a badass bitch who I love to death.  She’s someone I consider very dear.

Literally one of the funniest people I know.  We’ve actually not roleplayed a whole lot on any of her accounts, but she gets a shout out for being a pal.

One of my main RP partners from a previous fandom and in-general one of my bros.  We’ve been friends for several years, so it’d be blasphemous not to list her here.

► vampiresantiago
A wonderful Santiago.  Lots of depth given to a minor character here.  The roleplayer is also someone I consider one of my greatest friends.

► viaticumforthemarquise
DUDE SO I STALKED HER FANFICS AND STALKED HER ON DREAMWIDTH FOR AGES BEFORE WE STARTED TALKING TRUE STORY.  She’s actually my senpai.  But yeah, Gabrielle’s a really intense character and I absolutely adore how she portrays her.  It please me immensely that she started RPing on Tumblr. ouo

→ people i talk to/rp with a lot

agelessinatweedsuit  askthebratprince  biancasolderinis  blackwingedbotticelli  bloodanddye  botticellicious  boywhowouldbepriest  brb-being-brazilian  caravaggiocupid complisult elohei-rivka  everlastingporcelain  evan-wheeler  exceptvodka  forgotten-mayfair  forgotten-prince-of-venice  from-fiction-into-legend  gingerhairedimmortal  iam-yourqueen  immortal-gentleman  infantdeath  lucid-blood  marius-de-romanus  molloy-reporterboy  poitou-corrillaut  porcelainebrisee  porcelainreeper primusdux  redhairedtwin  reporterboy  theoriginalbloodcountess  thevampire-claudia  thevampiremael  vita—ante—acta  wretchedmother  yougivebadhead  zairemalak

→ cool folks i totes sit and stare at on the dash
+ other accounts of people i love

amadeo-child-of-the-renaissance  angeloalinere  angelustheancient  aprofoundduplicity  aspecificskillset  baron-de-rais  blackwood-tarquin  cant-always-be-the-living-legend  cherub-without-wings  chosensaviour  chrissydeath-rp  chrissydeath-rp  claudiaindarkness  cloudsinvenice  dark-eyed-elegance  devmin  devmin-art  diplomacywink  eccentricmagic  eternallyfabulousbratlestat  feministlestat  gairid  goldenhaired-sybelle  ignatiius  ilbotticello  inpainandregret  insanustate  instantdiamond  itsnotmyrealname  kellenmotherfuckingvincent  king-lestat  laviniaspeaks  lestattheonetruepope  levoleurcinetique  littleredmoon  lo-gic-us  lucasmwinters  malediicta  mari-o-netta  mariusthevampire  mekare-thequeen  michaelgayland  mickienotthemouse  minaharkersghost  missmoiraohara  mistressxmaharet  murderisarttome  nijah  notafuckingsaviour  overlook-hotel-survivor  pandoratheancient  patertenebris  put-the-needle-through  prince-of-the-brats  reasontoodreams  redbloodedbrit  redwinterfall  remyrosenfeld  rinascitadipasta  salems-little-sadist  shadowsuspended  sins-of-the-godless  sookiesukehnow  sugared-satyr  sweettranzvestitefrankie  swynford-de-beaufort  sybelle-the-appassionata  symphoniepourlediable  talamascantraveller  takeabiteoutofyou  tenebrisminflesh  the-amadeo-in-flames  thebiancasolderini  thebelovedpandora  thedanielmolloy  thegodhasburned  the-immortal-blue-eyes  thepharaoh-enkil  thestoppableunforce  themanwiththeblackbag  thevampirecreole  theunknownfledgling  vampchronfic  vanimiel  vc-anon-fairy  vicariousviolet  vittorioraniari  vxtesaxon  waywardmartyr  wehavemommyissues  whitelaceandxstrange  whopraysoverus  x-animus  x-dolcevendetta  x-gabrielle  x-moneypowerglory

*RIGHT IN THE FEELS* merci, merciful-death *u*

Yes all of these ppl are unique flowers in the Savage Garden, check them out!

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