Just got this message from an Anon, and if it is to be believed, it sounds like AR had an unnecessarily vitriolic reaction to an innocent fan *hugs Anon* 

I know I should have just posted your story without commentary but it got me to thinking about the criticism aspect of your story… I’m always intrigued by these kinds of interactions with Mater Glorioso, if anyone has more, please share!

On criticism: when one criticizes someone’s work… telling them what you don’t like about it… whether they are a Tumblr RPer, or a globally-known best-selling author of incalculable wealth/prestige, that’s a very delicate subject. Especially for THIS best-selling author of incalculable wealth/prestige, who hasn’t had a beta-reader since VC book 4 (that is speculation) and won’t collaborate with anyone (including her best-selling author of a son) because of the level of control she needs in order to craft her stories. Criticism can come across as a personal attack bc an author’s writing is the conduit to their deepest self; some of the best writing seems to be explorations of what they want to explore in their own psyche. 

For this reason, I try not to negatively criticize anyone’s work negatively bc I know I can be vicious. One has to establish a foundation of trust first. Even that is not always enough. That’s why people choose their beta-readers carefully, when they want one, bc it has to be someone that can criticize constructively and if they DO come across as hurtful, the writer knows it’s unintentionally hurtful. 

I don’t mean to criticize you for criticizing her, just attempting to explain why she may have overreacted the way it sounds like she did *hugs Anon again*

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