The thing about this is that sculptures like these in art history were for the male gaze. Photoshop a phone to it and suddenly she’s seen as vain and conceited. That’s why I’m 100% for selfie culture because apparently men can gawk at women but when we realize how beautiful we are we’re suddenly full of ourselves…

“You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and you called the painting “Vanity,” thus morally condemning the woman whose nakedness you had depicted for you own pleasure.” ― John Berger, Ways of Seeing

The Stages of Grief



Hi everybody.

@vgstims sent me this crying statue gif this morning and it hit me hard. I suddenly realized that I was in grief, dealing with the death of Tumblr as I knew it for over 4 years.

I never realized just how powerful an online community can be and to see it die is very tough to experience.

I just thought I’d share this with my followers, which believe it or not, is a little short of 50,000 on Tumblr, at 49,516.

The goal of my blog, as a fighter, was to bring the fight gym to Tumblr, to make it as real as possible for my followers, to have them experience virtually what a fight gym would feel like and what Manliness means.

I hope that I did that for all of of you!

As I said previously, I’ll continue to post until Tumblr takes me down, fight to the end!

Always seek Manliness!



Ten things I practice as a woman artist:

  1. Thank people who compliment my art.
  2. Agree with people who compliment my art.
  3. Avoid deprecating my own art (for example with self-hating language in hashtags like #mystupidart or #Imsuchtrash).
  4. Avoid apologizing for my art.
  5. Avoid defending my art to people who aren’t interested in helping me grow for my sake.
  6. Do not accept or internalize criticism that comes without my consent.
  7. Share my older art from time to time as a reminder of my growth.
  8. Celebrate accomplishments and milestones.
  9. Write and talk about my art so I’m more aware of my choices.
  10. Take my art seriously, even if I’m being silly. Always respect myself.

AO3 is for all kinds of fanfic


And other fanworks, for that matter, but let’s talk about fic: When AO3 was proposed, it was in response to Strikethrough and other similar events. Livejournal deleted a lot of accounts without bothering to distinguish between actual pedophiles, survivor support groups, and 100% consensual fantasy fandom activities being done by adults with other adults (most of which involved RP accounts for 16-year-old Harry Potter characters anyway).

I helped write the first AO3 Terms of Service and set up the Abuse committee. AO3 was always intended to be welcoming to all kinds of fic, no matter how dirty, sick, socially unacceptable, bizarre, or out of fashion. During those initial TOS talks, we specifically discussed grotesque RPF snuff porn as the test case for something all of us on the committee found distasteful but would nonetheless defend because, by defending it, we created a space where all of our own favorite things were protected too.

Policing fic content is a slippery slope. Even if you only police the “worst” stuff, you create an environment where the more sensitive authors and no few of the ones “shipping to cope” are no longer comfortable posting at all. Attacking people for posting fic about rape/abuse/etc. is demanding that all survivors disclose. No amount of whining and backtracking will change this fact. It is a disgusting behavior that drives people from your fandoms and creates needless misery while adding nothing of value to the community.

If you want to kick certain kinds of content off of AO3, you do not belong on AO3 in the first place.


the key to art is not giving a shit. not giving a goddamn shit. you gotta go to your sketchbook or computer or whatever and just draw free. no rules. do what you want and what feels right. if it looks like shit? no it doesn’t. keep going. keep drawing. you have a skill that is so rare and to keep it is the greatest gift of all.





there are people in the fandom who can

  • write fanfictions
  • draw fanarts
  • create gifs
  • think of theories
  • edit stuff

and then there’s me

But there’s you, who

  • Read our fanfictions
  • Like/Reblog/Commission us for our fanarts
  • View our gifs
  • Support our theories
  • Are amused by our edits

You are just as important as the rest of us.

All the fandoms should see this.

Very much this.



I believe that the beauty in places is
evident—however, in people it is a lot more hidden. The great attraction
of human beings, is that this beauty manifests itself in fleeting
moments and thunders. Exterior beauty is ephemeral, it comes and goes.
But true beauty is connected to other feelings, such as joy and
tenderness. These are feelings that have nothing to do with exterior
appearances, and are hidden deeper inside things and people.

Paolo Sorrentino on “The Great Beauty”