I’ve been wondering about this for some time, but is the use of the yellow-and-black Under Construction images in the top banner graphic for your blog a deliberate nod to the old Rue Royale Specs Inc. page where Dark Angel and Father of Lies kept their fic pre-Purge, or just a coincidence?

It isn’t a reference to that, just a coincidence! It’s the caution tape at a construction site. I hope it’s ok that I accidentally made that reference, tho… I don’t remember that site, tho the author names are familiar.


^I was thinking of keeping the cat somewhere in the new layout and changing the hat for different holidays tho! ❤ 

Maybe I should go back to the old header so it’s not so glaring. Part of the reason it’s been like that for SO VERY LONG is that a new layout is under construction on a secret side-blog, and I’m not using that code until I’m happy with it. The overall color scheme & aesthetic is also very different than the current aesthetic and I’m not sure I’m ready to move into the new look :-

Also my webmistress insists on the tags being on the bottom center of posts and I vehemently disagree!! That’s not how I use my tags, I sometimes have a whole extra dialogue in the tags… *Grrrr*…

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