wat is the significance of the cute cat in the top hat on your header?

Thanks for noticing the kitteh 😀 I am a cat person, though currently catless ;A; so having one in my header is like having one w/o the litterbox to deal with, but also without the cuddles *cries*

It’s the cat from this meme (and Idk how old it is, but I think it’s ancient enough to be called a ”macros,” which is what we used to call them) and it always makes me smile:


^the caption is so Lestatuesque. Is this not what happened, in fact? Did he not fight his own ass in the desert? But that’s TOBT, which isn’t canon for some ppl.

ANYWAY I love cats, vampires are catlike… I had planned on changing the cat’s hat/accessories for different holidays, but that didn’t happen bc I was so frickin’ fussy with the drafts, revising my blog layout, that I got tired from it so VERY LITTLE has really changed lol…

It was inspired by this post from 3 years ago, comparing cute cats in top hats (THIS TOP HATTED KITTEN LOOKS SHOPPED… I CAN TELL FROM SOME OF THE PIXELS AND FROM SEEING QUITE A FEW SHOPS IN MY TIME.)





i just wanted to say i really appreciate the amount of effort you put into this blog. every answer you post no matter what the question seems so well thought out and thorough, and i’m always floored by how you manage to find just the right resources, not to mention your tagging system is the most impressive i’ve probably ever seen on this site. and not only that, but you seem like such a genuinely sweet and friendly person too. so yeah, that’s all, just wanted to say thank you for everything <3

Awww, you are very welcome to all of that! What a lovely message to send me. Notes like these keep this blog alive… and you made my night, I’m cry! ^______^  Come off anon! 


I’m honored that ppl ask for my opinions on VC, it gives me the opportunity to dig around and find the information/resources, I have a nearly photographic memory for some of this stuff *laughs*… many asks make me sit back to reflect and remember what it is about this series that keeps me here… I can only speak to my own reasons, but I draw a lot of inspiration from these characters and their stories. 

Am I a genuinely sweet and friendly person? I try to be the blogger and the person I want to see in the world, whether online or in the real world. Which means I still make mistakes, but I learn, and try to improve. 

My tags! They used to be a lot sillier and I’ve toned them down, but I keep them as organized as I can so that I can find previous answers! It was just for my own organization originally but I’m so glad you appreciate the tags! I plan to have a legit ~Navigation~ page so that major tags are all lined up and easily accessible, so you can go right to, for example, the #VC News tag and see what the latest news is. I don’t reblog everything from the Official VC FB page since so much of it is teasing and fluff, so if I reblogged/posted smtg here, it’s bc I felt like it was ACTUALLY newsworthy, or there was smtg we could talk about specifically.

P.S. And thanks for reminding me, I have to catch up on my tagging, during the last two months I’ve been off-and-on-line, when you see #Tag later it’s bc I was on mobile cruising the dash ;D

Thanks again, Anon. Very sweet of you to say that *hugs*

i had a dream last night that you finished updating your theme etc. and if that doesn’t say i spend too much time browsing your archive, nothing will

Omg… I am… so flattered that my blog was in your dreams! But also embarrassed bc it was about the long-awaited update! I am super flattered that you browse my archive that much, you’ve made my day for sure ;D


Ok, I really need to get that done…  I CHANGED THE HEADER JUST FOR YOU, ANON! TODAY! I took out the construction signage and gave the kitty a top hat. He is so dapper now. I’d like to keep him in the new layout somewhere and just change his hat/accessorize him on a regular basis… ANYWAY CONSTRUCTION CONTINUES, behind the screen, w/o signage!


The thing is, the new layout is currently… pastel grunge? More like just pastel. all lighter colors w/ a dark font and IDK how I feel about that. I’m resisting the transition. And my webmistress demands tags on the center bottom of posts and just… I LIKE THEM ON THE SIDE. Don’t you guys prefer them on the side? Like a side of French fries!

I think I need to stick with a similar color scheme and just make the layout more easily navigable. There won’t be fancy animated buttons or anything superfluous like that. 

The other obstacle(s) is that I have yet to write up this stuff (and yes, I could put temp pages up, but I’d rather unveil it all at once!): 

  • Nav page w/ all the really good links like “cut scenes.” “For RPers.” “Fanfic.” “Fanart Request,” and analysis/critique of VC so ppl can easily find that stuff. 
  • FAQ for stuff I am frequently asked, and you’d be surprised but I am asked similar questions alot, one common topic is the order in which the books should be read (#order of operations for VC), just as an example.
  • About – so I could make it perfectly clear how unofficial a VC blog this is! Idk how I’d feel about being officially affiliated or approved by AR in some way… I’d be honored but I’d also worry about how that might limit my freedom of speech/reblogging of things that are critical of VC. We’ll cross that bridge if we ever come to it, and I’ll of course let you all know.
  • a Rules page for RPing with my Lestat, so I don’t have to keep explaining to people why he can’t do legit threads with their muses when they reach out to have a legit thread with him. I feel bad turning ppl down but I just don’t have the copious free time needed to thread with everyone who wants to do so ;A;

Since it’s STILL under construction, I am open to ideas as to anything else you think should be on the blargh. Not to say I will include them but I’m open-minded ;]

I’ve been wondering about this for some time, but is the use of the yellow-and-black Under Construction images in the top banner graphic for your blog a deliberate nod to the old Rue Royale Specs Inc. page where Dark Angel and Father of Lies kept their fic pre-Purge, or just a coincidence?

It isn’t a reference to that, just a coincidence! It’s the caution tape at a construction site. I hope it’s ok that I accidentally made that reference, tho… I don’t remember that site, tho the author names are familiar.


^I was thinking of keeping the cat somewhere in the new layout and changing the hat for different holidays tho! ❤ 

Maybe I should go back to the old header so it’s not so glaring. Part of the reason it’s been like that for SO VERY LONG is that a new layout is under construction on a secret side-blog, and I’m not using that code until I’m happy with it. The overall color scheme & aesthetic is also very different than the current aesthetic and I’m not sure I’m ready to move into the new look :-

Also my webmistress insists on the tags being on the bottom center of posts and I vehemently disagree!! That’s not how I use my tags, I sometimes have a whole extra dialogue in the tags… *Grrrr*…



mood: *cr1tikal voice* alright i guess ill go fuck myself then

Tumblr has done something and my theme is currently even crappier than before ;A; I apologize for the inconvenience. I might risk trashing the site by putting in the new HTML code sooner than I planned, so you might want to reblog things from me to save stuff just in case.

hi sweetheart! hey, can you pls make a post with a link of your tags? I can’t find somethings on the blog that previously where there T.T thank you <3 <3

Omg, *facepalm* I knew this would come up at some point…


That is part of my blog layout revisions. There’s gonna be a BEAUTIFUL Navigation/Tags page, categorized by topic, w/ all the most popular tags bc as you may know I tend to add further commentary in the tags that probably wouldn’t be very useful in finding what you’re looking for.

What are you looking for? Then I can try to give you the tag(s) for it! You can also message me privately, if you prefer.