Always keep your fangs sparkly clean! I commissioned this from the fabulous @lousysharkbutt as a gift for @gairid/ @vampchronfic, one of my fave fic writers in the VC fandom, for her birthday today! It’s

Gairid’s OC Brian Callahan, with Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Pointe du Lac.

I headcanon that the vampires don’t always bother with this sort of thing but when it’s been a really messy evening, as they get ready for bed, they might want to brush their fangs, too. Brian is a very close mortal friend of theirs, and he lives with them sometimes, and even though he knows what they are, seeing those fangs is always a little unnerving.

A++ to @lousysharkbutt for including in all these little details I asked for, including Brian’s Night Island tourist tank, Louis’ ripped up nightshirt, and his mom-style showercap, and Lestat wearing nothing bc reasons ❤ Their expressions are perfection and this is a wonderful artist to work with, fast turnaround and delivers more than requested, can’t recommend them highly enough ^______^

Thank you, thank you, thank you @i-want-my-iwtv and @louysharkbutt for this hilariously lovely gift! (The NIght Island tank is particularly funny b/c my hc for Brian is that Armand presses a lot of his suspicion button  (andArmandseems to like scaring B). Naked Lestat and sleepy, neat yet raggedy Lous complete the joy!  XOXOXOXO!

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