Happy (belated) birthday, Lestat

The prettiest dumpster fire


Lestat cannot BELIEVE Louis actually put on the costume he’s been begging him to wear for decades. Louis might look a bit unsure but, really? He’s warming up to it under Lestat’s infectious enthusiasm. 

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope your day is deliciously spooky and full of treats! Here is my treat to you ❤ Pencils for lines, photoshop for color and type. 

The background was made using this material and the type face is Oh No


Nicolas has come to visit Lestat and Armand after such a long long time apart…
Photoshop + Pencils. I know Nicki will never return to the Vampire Chronicles but LET A MAN DREAM, OK????

Lestat is less than enthused and Armand probably has a thing for leather jackets that he is really trying to suppress. 



Lestat and Marius from 

The Vampire Chronicles novels written by Anne Rice