Why do you think Lestat is the best of all? And do you know any good Lestat RP’s around here? Thank you!

Why do you think Lestat is the best of all?

I don’t know that he’s the best of any group, lol. I think he’s actually the worst among many. But, I do admire a lot of things about him. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves. As it was described to me once, falling for Lestat is like falling down a flight of stairs. Sometimes it happens and it’s not what you might have planned, and it’s not all rainbows and sparkles, it can be painful at times, lol. It is what it is. I should answer this more seriously but I can’t right now. 

And do you know any good Lestat RP’s around here?

That’s really hard to answer bc:

A) I don’t follow as many RPers as I used to, there were too many threads on my dash and I couldn’t read them all. 

B) I try not to pick out names bc that can make people feel left out. 

C) My taste in an RPer is subjective, I don’t think it’s fair for me to say who’s good or not, I could never be objective about people RPing as the characters they love, doing it for free, for fun, on their own time!

^All that said, if you’re looking for a Lestat to RP with there are a pile of them out there at any given time, but whether they’re active or welcome new RP partners is up to each one individually. Most Lestats are happy to respond to Asks tho! (My Lestat will respond to asks, but will not do back and forth threads, the mun doesn’t have the time for that.)

Here are some Lestats I’ve seen around (in no particular order):

@theoneandonlylestat, @devilsfool@thelionscrimsonclaws, @bravenotstubborn, @lestat-delight, @thevampireforthesetimes, @xxconsumed, @gottalovelestat, @malveillants-bratprince, @lebratprincelestat, @lixncourt, @primusdux, @wolfkilling-prince, @fiendofthedamned, @from-fiction-into-legend-blog, @askthebratprince, @lestat-and-louis-de-lioncourt, @lestat-and-louis

And you might try this roundup post we send around every so often, there may be active Lestats on it.

Anyone is welcome to reblog/comment with Lestat RPer tags, I’m sure I missed some of them, sorry about that ❤

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