Hello ! I hope you are fine !:) I just wanted to know, if you have already seen fan art from Amel ? I saw few, but not as much as I thought. And what do you think about him ? :)

Hey! Thanks, doing well. Hope you are, too. 

What do I think about Amel… I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I find the idea of him in the earlier books and his role in the vampire origin story fascinating on a spiritual and physiological level, a cosmic accident being the reason for vampires is still, to my mind, a very unique take on that. I liked his interactions with mortals before he fused with Akasha, and I liked the idea of him as an intellectually dormant substance that bound all the vampires together. 


^Later, when Amel became conscious, I also was intrigued by the concept of him riding along with one specific vampire but able to run around the web of them on visits. I wrote two fics post-PL in which Lestat deals with this.

A Brief Reprieve After the events of Prince Lestat, Lestat reflects on certain aspects of his new spirit animal, snuggled up lovingly with Armand by a fire in winter. Slightly AU in that they are snuggled up together lovingly by a fire in winter!

Bad Connection  Daniel and Lestat are out on the town when Amel decides to join them. He is very much a painful third wheel, and Daniel has to help Lestat through the attack.

On the other hand, I struggle to buy Amel’s backstory according to PL&PLROA, and I didn’t personally need him to be more special than he already was, being a spirit and indefinable, with nebulous origins, that was fine for me. But more power to the ppl who liked his backstory! 

I’ve only seen a few pieces of Amel fanart, but it exists! I’m about to reblog one but check my #Amel tag for the rest. 

Anyone else have Amel fanart? Tag me or send the link over 😀

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