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I’m meeting with my academic advisor today and let me tell you, a bitch is scared so I stress made these

Came for pics of Lestat. Stayed for basically everything (except Armand, sorry Armand).

Thank u! I, too, love pics of Lestat. Especially when he’s flustered…


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(I’m sorry that I don’t post as much of other characters, even though you said you weren’t here for Armand. Clearly I do play faves with them… but my #cute armand tag is probably my best contribution for Armand fans.)

Hello ! I hope you are fine !:) I just wanted to know, if you have already seen fan art from Amel ? I saw few, but not as much as I thought. And what do you think about him ? :)

Hey! Thanks, doing well. Hope you are, too. 

What do I think about Amel… I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I find the idea of him in the earlier books and his role in the vampire origin story fascinating on a spiritual and physiological level, a cosmic accident being the reason for vampires is still, to my mind, a very unique take on that. I liked his interactions with mortals before he fused with Akasha, and I liked the idea of him as an intellectually dormant substance that bound all the vampires together. 


^Later, when Amel became conscious, I also was intrigued by the concept of him riding along with one specific vampire but able to run around the web of them on visits. I wrote two fics post-PL in which Lestat deals with this.

A Brief Reprieve After the events of Prince Lestat, Lestat reflects on certain aspects of his new spirit animal, snuggled up lovingly with Armand by a fire in winter. Slightly AU in that they are snuggled up together lovingly by a fire in winter!

Bad Connection  Daniel and Lestat are out on the town when Amel decides to join them. He is very much a painful third wheel, and Daniel has to help Lestat through the attack.

On the other hand, I struggle to buy Amel’s backstory according to PL&PLROA, and I didn’t personally need him to be more special than he already was, being a spirit and indefinable, with nebulous origins, that was fine for me. But more power to the ppl who liked his backstory! 

I’ve only seen a few pieces of Amel fanart, but it exists! I’m about to reblog one but check my #Amel tag for the rest. 

Anyone else have Amel fanart? Tag me or send the link over 😀



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I came across this recap of Blood Communion from an ARC a reader had allegedly received. Uggggh, guys… do you think this is real? Thoughts?

I’m unlurking for this bc #VC News!

It looks pretty legit to me but omg, you guys… My thoughts under the cut bc the review is spoilery.


TL;DR: It looks like AU fanfic to me, and I’m gonna read it bc hey, I always recommend reading the books for the possibility for silliness and/or good bits mixed in among the weirdness, but if this was truly fanfic on AO3 Idk if I’d be reading it. Maybe! I like weird AU fanfic.

And I would also add, again, that we used to call these later books “The Vampire Crackicles” for a reason, they’re living up to the name, lol!

It doesn’t have to be so deep. For me, if I think of these as fanfic AU, I’m less invested, that works well for me. Your headcanon is yours, despite even what’s in canon!!

Keep in mind also, with my comments below, that I’m not responding to the full review and every point, just those things that jumped out to me, and I don’t mean to trample on anyone’s faves. It’s all just my opinion, not any definitive statement as to what anyone else should think ^_________^

Hit the jump for my comments, cut for length and spoilers!

Arjun (Pandora’s abusive progeny),

I don’t remember Arjun being like this before, was he? 

and Baudwin, a bitter fiend who claims to descend from the legendary Gundesanth. (The jury is still out on whether Gundesanth, who appears later and goes by “Santh,” is actually as good as he appears. I kept expecting him to turn on Lestat, and I’m still not convinced by him.)

Stop it with all these new chars gawds. Didn’t we just intro a few legendary vampires with mysterious motivations? *sigh*

I’ve said it before, I do think many of these new chars were brought in as canon fodder to give AR someone to kill that the fans wouldn’t mind her killing as much. We’ll see.

The book is very talky. I miss Anne’s lush descriptions.

She’s telling, not showing. It’s what made Rose such a cardboard cutout. Too much was just told without the experiental aspect AR used to do so well. So we don’t buy any of it bc it’s just infodumped. At least, that’s how it seemed to me.

I also don’t care about the Replimoids (the creatures from Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis) and I find it incredibly fucked up that they seem content to enslave their own clones. 

I agree, I don’t care about them, but also, ugh, Anne’s slave fetish stuff… *sigh* We’ll see what exactly this means, hopefully this was an exaggeration.

• I’m pretty sad that Rhosh and Benedict have already left us. I found them fascinating and I wanted more of their history. Maybe I just have a thing for sweet monks.

I don’t really love them (or have a thing for sweet monks) but at least they had some substance, not another swoony pretty dude musician to add to the bouquet of those, like Antoine, BARF. No offense to ppl who like Antoine, I just feel like he could’ve been more in canon, bringing him back and there was almost no friction? No discussion of how he’d tried to kill Louis and Claudia? The reunion with Lestat? So bittersweet? So much potential drama lost there.

On the other hand, Benedict’s suicide was so deliciously dark. I’m used to Anne’s vampires committing themselves to the sun or the flames. Offering his blood to the coven, plucking out his eyes, requesting kettledrums and the Dies irae… it was all so ancient and sacrificial. I loved it. I still think Benedict was gone too soon, though.

That could be good, sort of taking the Thorne forking over his eyeballs thing to another level! I like this a lot. More gruesome old school vampire coven stuff.

Sounds like smtg Lestat would find really gross in theory but then end up really enjoying as a physical experience bc he’s really and truly nasty at heart lol. Is that bc he’s a vampire or did being a vampire just magnify what he always was? Both, probably.

and the image of Louis, Gabrielle and Marius with their heads twisted completely around took me by surprise. Anne really lingered over those gory details like she did in the older books. 

Twisted completely around WHAT EXCUSE YOU?? Are they dead dead???WTF?? 


Read the comments, they’re not dead dead, but under what circumstances would their heads be “twisted completely around”?? Okay I’m intrigued. Give me some fighting, some warring. Or nightmares, that’s fine, too. Louis did mention way back in IWTV that vampires get terrible nightmares, worse than when they were mortal.

Why would Lestat agree to keep mortal victims in his dungeon? Sure, they’re evildoers, they’re treated well, and Lestat isn’t exactly a paragon of morality, but wouldn’t he encourage the hunt? It seems to me that this practice will make the new crop of young vampires lazy.

Slave fetish again. It’s an evildoer situation tho, so, ok? Idk. I kinda like it, we’ll have to see how this is played out.  Would it make the new vampires lazy? Maybe, but possibly it’s like having a grocery store, which might better support a huge coven of vampires in a small town better than letting them all hunt the poor little village and surrounding areas. Kind of suspicious that whenever there’s a lot of activity at the old de Lioncourt Manor, way more ppl end up dead!

The book felt slightly unfinished to me, perhaps because I have so many questions, and there are so many characters she hasn’t explored in detail, but I still tore through it. Anne’s writing just compels me. One night I read a hundred pages. I wanted more from this book but I still liked it. 

I think she ends books when she feels like she hit enough of her fetishes, lol. She apparently is only planning one more in the pipeline for now. But she’ll stop beating this dead horse when it stops spitting out attention and money. And I’ll keep reading them, however cracky they get!

More than anything, I’m buzzing with anticipation over the upcoming “Vampire Lestat” TV series.

And the TV series again… I’m not holding my breath for that now that Bryan left/was fired, and there’s been very little talk about it in the Rice’s social media. We’ve waited this long, we can keep waiting. It would be nice for it to start airing in Anne’s lifetime, tho.