Ricean vampire asexuality

inesbc2001 asked: 

Hi, so I’m dying to know what the VC Tumblr fandom thinks about vampire sexuality.

IMO the fact that vampires don’t have sex doesn’t necessarily make them asexual.

I’m thinking about Marius with Amadeo in Blood and Gold, and Louis with the mortal boy in Paris.

There is a passage in IWTV that goes roughly like this: “He pressed his whole body against my legs and I felt the firm strength of his sex under his clothes. A moan escaped from my lips…”

– I translated this myself from the Spanish version, but you get the idea 😉

I’d be thrilled to further discuss vampire sexuality.

That’s all, keep up the good work! 🙂

#Your headcanon may vary.

So I’ve discussed this topic at length in my tags for it: #asexuality, #asexual, #sex, #sexuality, #lets talk about sex.

It all depends on your idea of what sex is, but Anne Rice has been definitive about it:

The scene that you mention between Louis and the mortal boy: Louis is still capable of finding that boy’s hard on to be arousing, but he’s getting alot of sensory input in that moment, and Armand is probably manipulating him psychologically, too.

Marius/Amadeo: Amadeo is mortal and experiencing things differently than Marius is.

I’ll open this to discussion, what are your opinions/headcanon on Ricean vampire sexuality?






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