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Marius is groaning about the idea of a Lestat vampire finishing school.

Omg. Making me think of “Murder 101” by the Wallflowers…

Fanart by devmin-art

If I might point everyone in the direction of a wee fic– (Lestatiquette)

VCTV series pilot episode cover page, May 2, 2018 [X]

“Very few beings really seek knowledge in this world. Mortal or immortal, few really ask. On the contrary, they try to wring from the unknown the answers they have already shaped in their own minds – justifications, confirmations, forms of consolation without which they can’t go on. To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind. The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner.”
― Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

Why include that quote? It may be setting the tone of philosophical hunger in the series generally. That quote probably wouldn’t be in the pilot episode, since Lestat won’t meet Marius until a lot of other stuff has happened first. That quote was very ahead of its time, and yet, even before social media, ppl have sought info that fed their confirmation bias.

Marius is right tho, to truly ask questions and be open to hearing answers one might not like, can be damaging to the asker, but it can also lead to enlightenment.

I think she’s (or whoever decided to include it now) choosing this quote to remind ppl that the TV series is not going to please everyone, that we all ought to keep an open mind about it, and to trust in the ppl creating it that they are trying for the best adaptation for their own headcanon. Does that make sense? Maybe that’s my own confirmation bias, that I would want them to be trying to manage expectations of it, but that they have to move forward and continue with their own vision, or it won’t get done at all. Then NO ONE gets even a little bit of what they want.

At this point I just want to see this thing begin during AR’s lifetime!

I will continue to fantasize about them hiring a Lestat who can sing and act, and sending him on a world tour with real concerts as part of the promotion for the series, and having a seasoned rock star (Sting? Bon Jovi?) write the music and coach the Lestat on stage presence and all that.

was armand the one with the thing for ragtime, or lestat?







wha-? Is that canon or fanon? Lol! 

Omg, listening to it now, it’s so cliche! pfffft. Lestat would love it.


It reminds me of this terrible and hilarious mashup, War of the Worlds set to the Benny Hill theme music. Watch if you DARE.

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It’s Armand and it’s actually canon and one of my favorite parts to visualize in QotD (although it’s honky-tonk not ragtime, but their styles are related)
I mean, just imagine Daniel waking up to that, looking completely DONE.


Queen of the Damned, page 88


It’s update time!
You were right

@i-want-my-iwtv​ in your assumption that Lestat would love it.


Now go ahead and imagine them dancing to these tunes.


Thanks for the update, @luthi69! If anyone is in a bad mood, just TRY and keep that mood with this bouncy happy music on, JUST TRY.

And now I AM imagining Lestat, Daniel, and Armand paying a jazz band to play this all night at a club in NOLA, dancing to it w/ people and having such a good time ❤

OKAY SO I found this WAY back in my likes and I know this thing about Armand and music has come up recently, and I guess here’s the answer? I didn’t even know Anne had said this on fb until I saw people talking about it on tumblr… @i-want-my-iwtv, tagging you in this just in case 🙂

Turns out that Anne, as usual, is misremembering her own writing – she never said he couldn’t tell them apart, just that he doesn’t have a preference. (I still think her weird headcanon that they all love honky-tonk piano is hilarious and messed-up but that’s just MY opinion lmao)


Ah. That’s where the beginning of the end begun, kids.

Anne, please stop doing that.

ok, edit added later (of the 22/09/17, today): guys, don’t insult her when you reblog this post. Yes, this is a very bad decision. Ok? But this doesen’t mean that she is a bad person. A tumblr user in one of the many reblogs said that Anne commented this post saying that now she wants the help of an editor. Even though I’ve checked the comment section of this fb post without finding this famous Anne’s comment, I want to believe that now she is working with an editor and I want to have faith in this. The point of this post was my will to express the disappointment towards Anne’s decision because this was the reason why this beautiful series got a lot of mistakes in the latest books. Stop. No bullying. 
I would feel very bad if she starts to feel miserable reading us. 
And yes, I know that her behavior towards the fandom (in the past) wasn’t good, but when I post something positive or negative that she has done, I want costructive criticism or a not-insulting sentence. 

(If my english is bad, I’m sorry. I’m not a native speaker)

Hi, so I am confusion. Because I read Lestat the vampire and watched Interview with the vampire bedore I read the first book, so I expected Lestat and Louie to be lovers. And I am now halfway through the book where claudia trys to kill lestat for the first time and so far they absolutely hate and insult eachother but every wiki tells me they were canonically lovers so??? Do they get together in later books or.. am I reading a different book than everybody else I am so confused

I understand your confusion! To be honest, your message is extremely difficult to answer, there is plenty of evidence that they are not lovers, as you point out in your message: they “absolutely hate and insult each other” during IWTV (and in later books, too), and yes, Claudia tries to kill Lestat 😛 Those aren’t signs of love.

In my reading of canon, they do get together, but it is always a fragile “together.” They meet before Lestat’s concert, they are together at the end of QOTD, etc., there are many times in canon when they are physically together but, it is usually thick with the tension of whether it can last ;A; Perhaps that’s another reason why the L/L shippers make so many fanworks; we just don’t get enough L/L explicitly in canon.

When Anne Rice wrote IWTV, Lestat was clearly the main antagonist (other antagonists included Santiago, the theatre vampires, etc.). Lestat was intended to antagonize Louis. At the end of IWTV, one can say that Louis has won; even if he might not be all rainbows-and-sparkles-happy about life, Louis ends the book at least as a functionally independent vampire, whereas Lestat is miserable and broken, seemingly having difficulty even hunting for mortal victims on his own (dependent on a young “nurse vampire” bringing him a victim). There is disagreement between Lestat and Louis whether that scene even happened, but, whether it did or not, by the end of IWTV-era, it seems like Louis has overcome his abuser/monster and is the stronger one of the two of them.

Still, L/L did explicitly share some intimate moments in IWTV, when Lestat fed on Louis, and sharing the intimacy of the Dark Gift (the most intimate experience for vampires), and beyond than that, Lestat tells the reader in TVL to “Read between the lines.” A relationship does not need to be explicitly stated to exist, it is up to each individual reader to decide whether they want to ship those characters or not based on their reading of the story.

Personally, I ship

Louis/Lestat and thankfully, I have found plenty of other Louis/Lestat shippers in the fandom! Anyone is welcome to reblog/comment on this post as to why they ship Louis/Lestat ❤

TL:DR; Throughout canon Lestat pines for Louis QUITE A LOT. It is my personal belief that most of this pining is to “make up for” all the awful times during the years in IWTV when Lestat abused his fledglings, when they fought back, when Lestat was frustrated at being unable to give them the truth of their vampire nature by sharing his knowledge with them. To make up for the scenes that were not explicitly described in IWTV.

1) Here’s Lestat talking about Louis, from TVL:

I fell fatally in love with Louis, a young dark-haired bourgeois planter…  Louis gained a hold over me far more powerful than Nicolas had ever had…

And why should I bother to tell of the times he came to me in wretched anxiety, begging me never to leave him, of the times we walked together and talked together, acted Shakespeare together for Claudia’s amusement, or went arm in arm to hunt the riverfront taverns or to waltz with the dark-skinned beauties of the celebrated quadroon balls?

^You could say he lied about any of this, we do have unreliable narrators. That’s up to you as a reader to decide if you believe Lestat’s account on this or not.

2) More of Lestat talking about Louis in TVL:

I kept glancing at him and away from him, as if his green eyes were hurting me. In modern parlance he was a laser beam. Deadly and delicate he seemed. His victims had always loved him.

And I had always loved him, hadn’t I, no matter what happened, and how strong could love grow if you had eternity to nourish it, and it took only these few moments in time to renew its momentum, its heat?

^This seems, again, to be very clearly stating that Lestat loves Louis. Whether that love is reciprocated is up to the reader’s interpretation.

3) In the immortal words of @high-fructose-lesbianism“Now matter how hard you ship Louis and Lestat you will never ship Louis and Lestat as hard as Lestat does.” [X] Part of why it’s such a tough ship is that AR just does not let us have much in terms of explicit canon fluff of them! It mostly happens off-screen. Which is where fanworks steps in to satisfy that need ;] I have some more of this kind of thing mixed into my #nobody ships Louis and Lestat harder than Lestat ships Louis and Lestat tag.

4) Also relevant: Anne Rice was answering Fan Questions for Lestat at one point and she said (in character as Lestat):

“…but if I did have to choose, [my one companion for all eternity] would be Louis. My longest most enduring friendship and love affair in this world was with Louis. And though his limitations can be maddening, they can also be as inspiring to me as his virtues… the best choices we make are not always the wise choices. Sometimes they are intensely emotional choices. And I’ve always had a deep Romantic respect for emotion. My love for Louis transcends wisdom. And I may need the pain as much as the consolation that an eternal relationship with Louis would involve.“

5) I just posted a letter Anne Rice get from a queer fan who expressed how grateful he was to her for IWTV, and I don’t want to attempt to summarize it for you, please read it to see his perspective for yourself, even though he does not specifically mention Louis/Lestat as a ship.

6) Anne Rice gets this question on a regular basis. I don’t know if her answer below convinced the commenter, Romeo Naghdi, that Lestat is “totally bisexual, totally omni sexual” (which was another term for bisexual some years ago, IIRC). To be honest, I think when she answers these types of questions she is answering so that others can see her statement, even if the commenter might remain steadfast in their own opinion.


[^X 6/26/2015]  ^Personally, I don’t know how Romeo Naghdi (and others who share his opinion) read the same books that I/we did, but I don’t care what he thinks of Lestat’s sexuality, and I would encourage you all to go with Anne Rice on this. She made her statement and then let it go. 

I am not attempting to erase any queer representation in mentioning that we have these people who headcanon Lestat as straight. I included it only to give the context to AR’s comment. 

I hope that helps, Anon! Again, anyone is welcome to reblog/comment on this as to why they ship Louis/Lestat, even though they “absolutely hate and insult each other” during IWTV!

There’s an instagramer by the username ‘thomasjwf’ and he’s talking about being open to playing Lester haha. What is your opinion on him?

I didn’t know of this person Thomas Wilkinson Fullerton (aka “Thomas Jef”?) until your ask and oh wow, I really like him! 

>>Side note real quick: he has a few vids up on his IG and I think he can act, too! His bio on his website says he graduated from Dawson College’s Professional Theatre Program. I didn’t watch all his IG vids but I liked his Dubbing Catherine O’Hara as Sheila Albertson in “Waiting for Guffman” (1996) and Dubbing @melissamccarthy as Agent Susan Cooper in “Spy” (2015)<<

He looks like fanart??!! He has a lot of great pics on his IG, I’m trying to keep this post from getting out of control and only picking a few out, but ppl, go check him out. Physically I think he could work, just needs more canon-compliant styling, but this image below looks like it could be for the Rolling Stone article about his upcoming concert tour *u*


[^X] He’s not just open to playing Lestat, he’s throwing himself at the part, making professional looking cosplays, and his exuberance for it is so heartwarming and in character. I think he’s trying to get these hashtags trending: #castme #imyourlestat! (If he does, he might have to share them with other hopeful Lestats!)

splitclownsyndrome: All I see is Lestat. Such beauty. I hope you do go for the audition.and if you don’t make it, I’ll think of your face while I complete my first novel. 💕💕. Supporting you all the way, my friend

thomasjwf: @splitclownsyndrome thank you so much! More than my own desire and convictions motivating me to portray the role i’m really moved by the support and encouragement from fans of the VC universe. I know how close @annericeauthor is to her readers and receiving validation like this from them is lighting the best kind of fire under my butt. I only hope for the opportunity to prove what i can do above and beyond just posting pictures that convey the right essence. That said, I appreciate your words immensely and hope to have the opportunity to make you and everyone else who comes across my stuff on here proud! 🤞🏻🧛🏻‍♂️🌹


[X] Here’s a pic with him with blonde hair bc reasons.

The comments on some of his Lestat pics are really sweet and supportive, and that tells me that re: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” some of those beholders agree on him ❤



facebyjacques: Love the edit you did! So much fun collaborating with you, you are an incredible model! You were born to play Lestat!

eggsonrye: Perfect. He’s my favourite fictional character come to life, just how imagined

mandeemorningstar: @thomasjwf best of luck! They would be stupid not to pick you. You look exactly how I picture him when I read the books. Spot on!

sandrakay400: I would kill to see you on the silver screen as Lestat! !! Your perfect for it ! better than any of the other what’s-their-names?, lol

moonchild_sa: I’ll be honest, I have no idea how you found my account(my pictures), but I do see that you are a fellow Vampire Chronicles fan as myself, so that was fun and unexpected. You do make a great Lestat btw✌🏻💖

Here’s one more supportive comment:


[X posted Jan. 13, 2018] AR likes him! (transcribed from above):

You’re a striking young man; Thomas. When the time comes for casting, I’ll do my best to get real usable info as to here people should go to audition, and I will post it here and on the VC page. We are a year out from casting right now. Thanks for your pic and your comments. You have a marvelous face, marvelous expression, beautiful hair and facial structure, and eyes.

And in this post it looks like he’s a reader, too. This is his year in books, and from the looks of it, he’s read VC and other books that Lestat might have read and liked, too. More food for the character development 😉


Bonus aesthetic pic:



“Lestat’s name doesn’t mean anything. It is a name that I made up. I search hard and long for names that are unique, and Lestat is, in a way, a mistake. There is an old French name in Louisiana, “Lestan”, and my husband’s name is Stan, and I thought I was using the old French name when I wrote Lestat . It was only later that I realized I had added a “t” for an “n”, and created a name that didn’t exist, so you might call it a Freudian slip. Lestat was definitely like Stan. His self confidence, his blonde hair, his blue eyes, his feline grace — all of that was inspired by my husband, Stan. So maybe it means ‘the Stan’.“

– Anne Rice (Source X)

hey can u please post the post where anne talks about armands voice and accent, i cant find it :(

@claudia-lilvampire shared this link, which is from Crónicas Vampíricas de Anne Rice, and it’s in Spanish. Google translate offers this translation:


I don’t think I have that, you’ll have to dig around on her Facebook 😛 

^Does anyone know of this post? Let me know. 

In the meantime, there was some discussion about his accent on this post and tbh I probably trust fandom more than Anne on this.

Armand has no accent. You can speak any language to perfection. His English, for example, is soft, fresh, and perfect. Maybe his articulation is a little old, and formal. He has a perfect ear.

More from VC HQ









Christopher posted this on the Facebook page of the Vampire Chronicles:

“Christopher here, with an exciting announcement about our show. Sometime in the 1980’s, a young teenager from Washington State, who dreamed of working in Hollywood one day, decided it was his destiny to write a film adaptation of a novel called INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. So that teenager did what any resourceful, gifted and determined young person would do in such an instance; he got a copy of the San Francisco phone book and checked to see if the novel’s author had a listed phone number.

It turns out she did. To his astonishment, the author, my mother Anne Rice, answered the phone herself when he called, and when this young man declared his intentions to adapt her book for the big screen, she gave him the number of the producer in Hollywood who owned the rights. Naturally, the producer’s response was something along the lines of, “You’re too young, kid. Go hone your talent. Maybe someday.”

Today I’m thrilled to inform you that the young man of which I speak is Bryan Fuller, who grew up to be one of television’s most innovative creative forces, responsible for such an amazing array of shows as HANNIBAL, DEAD LIKE ME and PUSHING DAISIES. Even better, the opportunity he asked for all those years ago has finally arrived.

It’s our great pleasure to officially announce that Bryan has become a member of the creative family working to bring the story of the vampire Lestat to television. For a year now, my mother and I have had the joy of working with creative partners at Paramount Television and Anonymous Content who share our vision for a prestigious, long-form, high quality and high production value television series focusing on the journey of the immortal Lestat as he travels the lengths of the vampire world detailed in The Vampire Chronicles. Almost instantly after we sold the rights last April, we knew we were working with some of the finest producers television had to offer. And those producers knew that Bryan would be a perfect addition to our creative team.

For months now, we’ve been developing written material that focuses Lestat’s story for television while also delivering on the promises Mom made to her fans last year when she first announced her intentions for the show. We’re confident this material will garner more exciting announcements in the months ahead. But for now, please help us welcome this brilliant and wildly talented force to Team Vampire Chronicles.

If you’d like to hear Bryan tell the story of his fateful, teenage phone call to his favorite author, I’ve included a clip from his interview with The Dinner Party Show in the comments below. Bryan and I will be together tonight, along with our friend and fellow writer, Eric Shaw Quinn, at the Hollywood premiere of THE ALIENIST, another eagerly anticipated adaptation of a popular novel, and a show that we’re sure will demonstrate to all why Paramount and Anonymous are the perfect home for Lestat and all of his fledglings, fellow vampires and rivals.”

Sometime in the 1980’s, a young teenager from Washington State, who dreamed of working in Hollywood one day, decided it was his destiny to write a film adaptation of a novel called INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.

… To his astonishment, the author, my mother Anne Rice, answered the phone herself when he called, and when this young man declared his intentions to adapt her book for the big screen,

she gave him the number of the producer in Hollywood who owned the rights. Naturally, the producer’s response was something along the lines of, “You’re too young, kid. Go hone your talent. Maybe someday.” Today I’m thrilled to inform you that… the opportunity he asked for all those years ago has finally arrived.